House Update: Interior Paint Color

As y’all know, about a month ago we moved into our new home!  Above, wearing: Sunnies // Tee // Jeans // Flip Flops

My good friend Tiffany Senden helped us find the perfect house and we are absolutely THRILLED with where we are!  That’s not to say we had a few hiccups along the way, but I feel like every house hunt has those kinds of situations.  As for when we really started looking, it was in early August.  Yes, after almost three years of living here, we finally started to look for a house.  We were just so happy and content in our rental that it was hard to move away from our neighbors that became as close as family, but we knew in the end we needed a place we could truly call home.

The first house we saw, we LOVED!  Unfortunately, another offer came in and scooped it up.  The second house had too many issues when it was inspected so that didn’t work out either.  And finally, the third time’s the charm!  We fell in love with the house we’re in now and have loved making it our own.

Before we even moved in, we knew we wanted a fresh coat of paint on almost all of the interior.  I wanted something lighter, to open up the space.  I just never knew how hard it was to pick out a paint color.  I knew I wanted a very light gray (almost white), and not one that pulled beige/green/yellow.

I basically had one day to decide after we closed.  The painter was coming the next morning.  So I went over to the paint store and picked out a few samples to try.  From left to right above, I picked Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow, but only 25% of the color, Krypton (in the middle), lightened only 25% and North Star, but lightened it by 50%.  The two on the right were still a little dark and too blue for my taste.

Later that day, a few friends stopped by and dropped off more grays for me to try.  I painted them all different walls in different rooms to help me decide.  Finally, that evening I decided on Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow (lightened by only 25%).  I was so worried about my choice, since it was going on almost everything.  But as soon as I came in the next day to see the progress, I was in heaven.  It was exactly what I was hoping it  would look like – almost white with a hint of grey/blue.

Such a difference!  The backsplash is being installed as we speak.  Can’t wait to show you the difference soon!

The girls’ room is slowly coming together.  Bye, bye bunk beds!  Next up, a rug!  The color on their walls was from before we moved in.  We decided to leave it.  Ordered these beds and this nightstand and am so pleased with the craftsmanship of both.  I think you can tell by their faces that they loved their new beds when they arrived!

I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. Congratulations on your new home!! Can’t wait to see all that you pick out. Such great taste and attention to detail.

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