Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Earrings // Pajamas // Lip Gloss // Sunnies // Dress // Hair Dryer // Coffee Table Book // Wine Tumbler // ‘Bless Your Heart’ Southern Trivia Game // Running Shoes // Flip Flops // Slippers // Airpods // Apple Watch // Echo Speaker // Rattan Crossbody

There’s so much I wanted to include in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide that it was hard to narrow it down to just these picks.  But these are for sure some of my favorites I’ve been loving lately.


Hands down, my favorite statement earrings.  Dress them up or pair them with a simple tee to add a fun pop.


Y’all know how much I love these super comfy pjs.  Wear them all the time.  Would make a great gift for mom!

 Lip Gloss

My favorite color is bare pink.  It’s a pretty neutral with a subtle hint of pink.


I’ve been cleaning out and found these the other day.  I need to start wearing them again.  They’re great on so many face shapes and such a classic look.


Every time I wear this dress, I receive so many compliments.  It was just marked down too!  For fit, it’s true to size.  I wear a small in it.  It’s also the dress I’m currently wearing in my profile picture on my blog sidebar.

Hair Dryer

I’ve had this hair dryer for so many years I can’t even remember how long I’ve had it.  If you’re on the fence, I absolutely love mine.  Reduces the frizz and dries my hair so fast!

Coffee Table Book

I posted about my love for these coffee table books a few weeks ago.  They’re the best to spruce up any area of your home and come in so many bright colors…not to mention they photos inside perfectly capture each location.  For more photos of how I’ve styled these books around my house, head over to this post.

Wine Tumbler

I couldn’t forget my favorite wine tumbler in this round-up.  Make sure when you order, you get this lid too.  Love it for the boat!

‘Bless Your Heart’ Southern Trivia Game

This is the cutest gift idea!  I got ours a few weeks ago and can’t wait to play it!

Running Shoes

I’ve a lot of y’all ask about my favorite running shoes.  I’ve been wearing these for the past few years and have never had any issues.  For fit, they’re true to size.  They also come in lots of colors too.

Flip Flops

Hands down, my favorite flip flops by far.  Wear them all the time!


I’ve worn these for the past 10+ years and have never found another style that compares.  Trust me.  They’re that good!


I get asked a lot if I ever have problems with my airpods falling out when I run.  I don’t.  And before the wireless ones came out, I could NEVER wear the ones with the cords because they would always fall out of my ears.  I think the cords always just pulled them.  If you’re thinking about these, I really do enjoy mine.  I use them on runs, walks, bike rides, doing laundry…

Apple Watch

This watch is probably my most favorite accessory I own.  I will admit I’m rather attached to it now, that I can’t go a day without it on.  It’s a part of me.  Haha.  I do take it off at night though.  But I love it for so many reasons!  Since the day Wheeler was born, I’ve always had my phone on silent…for fear the ring would wake her up when she was sleeping.  And then I guess I just never turned the sound back on.  With the watch, it vibrates when I’m getting a phone call, so that’s saved me from missing calls since I can’t hear them.  Side note: I’ve also never had notifications on my phone turned on either.  The only way I know if I’ve received one is to click on the actual app.  That includes even texts and emails.  It keeps me from being ‘logged in’ all the time.

Echo Speaker

I know I’ve raved about these speakers before, but they truly are the best!  We use ours for everything…in most of the rooms in our house.  It’s like our intercom system because Alexa can make announcements.  We also love asking her questions and playing games.  And the music feature is our favorite!

Rattan Crossbody

Love this little crossbody for summer!  I used mine so much last summer.  Maybe one day when we can get back out, I’ll be ready to use this one again.

A few of my favorite Lulu shorts were just marked down.  Get them before they sell out.

I probably should’ve just called this post ‘My Favorite Things,’ but I hope these picks help you with your Mother’s Day shopping too!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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