My Work-Out Routine + Favorite Work-Out Gear + LiketoKnow.It App

I know it doesn’t look like much, but even small 5-lb weights can give your arms that tone you’re looking for.  These Lulu leggings still continue to be a favorite.  I wish they’d hurry up and make more bright prints for spring!  I’ll let you  know as soon as they do.

So I had a reader ask me to share how I incorporate all of my exercise each week, and which form of exercise is the best, as far as seeing results.  Well, I have to be upfront first.  These past few weeks haven’t been exactly my regular routine, as I was out with strep for a few days, then headed on vacation and then the wine and food festival.  So needless to say, I’m more than ready to get back to my routine this week.  Today, I’m sharing what my week usually looks like.

Work-Out Schedule

Monday: Barre, Run (if time)

Tuesday: Barre (depends on if I can make it to a class before my match), Tennis Match

Wednesday: Barre, Run (if time) *This week, I actually have a make-up match on Wednesday.  Lots of tennis this week and I LOVE it!

Thursday: Barre (like Tuesday, it depends on if I can make it to a class before my match), Tennis Match

Friday: Barre

Weekends: Usually barre classes in the morning, running while kids are biking, long walks, lots of outdoors play, etc.  Morning runs if I have time.

Also, when I’m doing this eating plan, I include their videos.  It lets you know which one to do each day.  They’re each 30 minutes.  I’m not doing the plan this month, just because I’ve been way to busy to prepare for it, but I hope to start it back up soon.  Such great results on it!

Which Work-Out is Best?

As far as which exercise gives me the best results, they honestly all do, when they’re combined.  My barre class makes me more flexible and helps strengthen my core. This helps my run times and stamina, which gives me energy.  In turn, this lends to a better tennis game because I have a stronger serve and better quickness and agility on the court, due to barre classes and running.

Favorite Work-Out Gear Lately

It’s no secret I love my Lulu Leggings.  These scalloped ones are still a major favorite!  And talk about holding you in all the right places, these are amazing.

These grey ones aren’t Lulu, but they’re still super cute, have a high waist and are currently 40% off! // Shoes

This pair above from Lulu has sold out, but Zella makes this pair and they’re extremely similar.  And bonus, they’re reversible!  It’s like getting two pairs of leggings for the price of one!

Leggings // Flip Flops

This pairing is pretty much my everyday go-to – Free to Be Bra with a Run Swiftly Tank.  Lulu did come out with a Free to Be that’s slightly higher in the front, with a little more support.  I picked up one last week and have really enjoyed it too.  It’s called the Free to Be Tranquil.

Nike Frees have been my favorite shoes to run in for over five years!  Haven’t found anything else that remotely compares.

I still wear this jacket all the time!  I went up a size, so it wasn’t as fitted.

This one has sold out, but this one is similar and it’s on sale.

This pink water bottle is also on sale, and under $20!

The one thing you’ll learn quickly if you shop at Lulu, is that the good pieces go quickly.  Like I loved this tank, but when I went back for another color it was completely sold out in all colors and sizes.

I had some readers suggest trying the Hotty Hot Short, since I always go with my Speed Shorts.  I tried them out, and still feel like I like the clean, smooth lines of the Speed Short over the Hotty Hot Shorts.

And then, there’s the whole just wearing leggings not even when you’re working out.  // Leggings (currently 40% off!) // Tee // Boots // Jacket

Shorts // Flip Flops // Sunnies

Picked up these shorts, tank and sports bra the other week.  Told you it’s my unofficial uniform.

I’d actually packed all of this on my trip, but sadly never made it to the gym.  Next time, I’ll be more prepared and get up and go.  I know it’s vacation and all, but nothing feels better than getting a work-out in before indulging in some rest and relaxation the rest of the day.

Tanks // Sports Bras // Grey Shorts // Reflective Dot Shorts // Printed Leggings

As for tennis, I usually wear mostly shorts and tanks, but a few weeks ago I did get this tennis dress.  I’m not a big fan of tennis dresses, but at one of our matches I tried this one on and loved it.  It’s not too short and super cute on.  I’ll try and snap a pic of it the next time I wear it for you.

Two weeks ago, right before I left for St. John, I tried out the new powder polish that’s supposed to be the new rage.  I didn’t like the one time I tried gel nails because it dried out my nails so much when I took them off.  So I wanted to give this a try.

After two weeks, they already cracked.  I’m not sure it was in the application or that my nails grow too fast, but they didn’t last any longer than normal polish.  If you’re interested, I’d still give it a try.  Lots of readers have raved that they last up to five weeks!

Back to regular polish for me!  This is Orly in Headliner.

The App is here!  If you’ve been using to receive emails of what I’m wearing on Instagram, well now they made it even easier.  All you have to do it screenshot my Instagram pic and the pic will go to your app within 10 seconds.  And everything I’m wearing is ready to shop right there!

Here’s what it’ll look like for you.  Just click on these pics in the app, and you can shop whatever I’m featuring in the pic.  I have to admit, I’ve tried it and it’s pretty genius!  If you still want to check out my latest ready-to-shop pics without, head here and click on the pics to shop.

I hope y’all are having a great start to your week!  I’m still in the process of organizing my house and getting everything back in order after a busy two weeks!

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