Framebridge Love + A Discount Code!

Last week, I stopped into Framebridge’s Pop-Up Shop here to take a few of my prints framed.  I’ll be honest, I’d heard so much about Framebridge, but had never taken much time to look over their site.  Honestly, the thought of mailing off my precious prints to have framed kind of worried me.

So when I heard they would be in town, I knew I wanted to meet them in person and see how the process worked.

It was nice having the frames right there, to play around with what frame went best with what print.

I ended up choosing this Rosemont frame for these prints to put in the girls’ room.  This frame is one of their newest frames for 2017.

How It Works

First, you upload your original print.  Just take a quick pic of it on your phone.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.

Next, you add your dimensions.

Then you play around with all the different frames.

Once you find the frame you love, you’re all set!  If you’re ordering online, your next step will include how you want your package mailed off.  You can ask them to send you packaging or if you already have your own tube, etc. then simply print off the shipping label they’ll give you.

While I admit it was so nice to have her right beside me, making sure I did everything right, it really was super easy.  I guess I was wary of my art being lost in the mail and second guessing which frame I wanted.  But after doing it all, I’m super excited to have my pieces finally framed!  After all, they probably would’ve sat with all the other art I need to get framed, until I finally decided to take them somewhere to get framed.  So if you’ve got some pieces that you’ve been meaning to get framed, don’t hesitate.  Framebridge makes it so simple!  They’ll even mail you the packaging products you need!

As an added perk, all Sweet Southern Prep readers will receive 15% off their Framebridge order with code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP15!

If you’re local, Framebridge will have their pop-up shop at JO-ANN (2243 Ashley Crossing Drive) until next Friday, March 17th.  Your discount code will work there, as well!

As soon as my framed pieces arrive, I’ll be sure to share them with you!  Cannot wait!

Happy Thursday!

Thanks to Framebridge for their partnership on this post.

8 thoughts on “Framebridge Love + A Discount Code!

  1. The pictures of your 4 children are beautiful. Are they from a local artist?

  2. Love framebridge! Their customer service is top notch too. I had my law school/college diplomas framed there because they were so affordable and had way prettier frame options and they included a sweet handwritten note with my frames!

  3. Who did the paintings of your girls in the striped dresses? They are just beautiful!!

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