Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Giveaway!

How cute is my sweet Wheels??  She was 3 here.  When I was perusing old photos to share my latest Lilly faves, I happened across this pic.  I can still remember when I took it.  I told her to smile and she started jumping up and down and thought she was the funniest thing.  Jumping and giggling.  I was laughing too.  Her giddiness in that Little Lilly.  I mean.  And then I look at her today, leaving for first grade this morning…ah, don’t get me started!
If you’ve been reading for the past few days, it’s absolutely no secret that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts at 8am!  The girls are off on their first day of school this morning.  Luckily, I’ll be able to make it back home before the sale starts.  The boys will just have to have some play time with their trucks, trains and books while I shop for a bit.  Then again, with this new virtual line thing, I may be waiting in line for a little while so I may have more time to read them books, while I wait.  Interested to see how this will work.
If you hopped over to SSP before the sale starts this morning, feel free to check back here and here for last-minute tips before the sale starts.  You can also check out my Lilly favorites from this year below and enter my giveaway.  Also, you can sign up for TrueFit too.  Love this feature!  I realize this takes you to Nordstrom, but it will convert to Lilly too.  As you’re shopping the sale, look near the sizes available and it’ll show you what size will fit you best.
As the sale goes live, I’ll be updating my post throughout the day with my favorites from the sale!

This Jupiter Island Cover-up has clearly been a favorite this summer!  Hoping that it will be available during the sale in other prints.  For fit, I’m a 6 and wear a Medium in it.
Another style that I have my fingers crossed will be available during the sale is this Monterey Dress.  I practically lived in it this summer.  Super soft fabric and a great length.  I have it in a Medium, but could have probably done a Small too.  I’m always so wary of going down a size and then washing it and it becoming too tight, so I do like the medium fit better.
Like I said, these are all clearly my ultimate favorites and I seriously hope that any of them are on sale in other prints.  I would love this Daphne Dress in another print too!
This is the BEST tank, hands down!  Enough that I went back and ordered another in the solid navy too.  If this Gigi Tank is part of the sale, snag one!  I’m wearing a medium for a roomier fit.  If you want it more fitted, order your true size.
This Sarasota Pintuck Tunic was one of my first Lilly purchases of the year.  I love it, but definitely recommend ordering a size down.  Runs really big.
This Essie Top sold out very quickly earlier this season.  I highly doubt it will be a part of the sale, but if it is, definitely get it.  Just like the Gigi, it’s soft and so easy to throw on.  Fit is true to size.  I wear a small.  Also pictured, these studs and these sandals.
 I realize this is a shot in the dark because when it was available a few years ago, it was extremely popular and sold out quickly.  But I promised to share my favorite Lilly I’ve worn this year and this Shannen Dress in Bling My Chimes is no exception.  I still absolutely love this dress and wore it to a disco fundraiser back in February.  I wish Lilly would bring back this fit and style.  For fun, I posted about this dress when it came out, over three years ago here.
I wore this Rosie Dress on Easter.  The fit is true to size.  I’m wearing a 6.
 Elsa Tops have been a longtime favorite of mine.  This print is called First Impressions.  I love how they’re super easy to throw on with just about anything and they pull a look together.  For fit, I wear a Small in them.  These silky, slightly billowy tops are always the first to go during the sale, so make sure and order your favorite prints quickly.
Sandals // Watch (old, similar here) // Wrap Bracelet

I was perusing more recent pics of the girls in their Little Lilly Shifts this year, but had to share these few above from Disney.  We took them two Februarys ago and I honestly think they wore a Lilly Shift every single day for the entire week.  The easiest and comfiest thing to throw on, and you know all the bright colors are everything!  Obviously, I’ll be stocking up for the girls during the sale.  I’ve said it before, but these make great gifts too!  Little Lilly Shifts forever!
And if Girls’ Swimsuits are available during the sale, you better believe I’m stocking up.  Not for now, but for next summer!  The navy one Effie is wearing and Wheeler’s above, I actually purchased two summers ago during their sale and they’re still able to wear it this season!
A few other things to note, don’t forget to check the Accessories Section!  Usually there are some fun novelty Lilly items, but most of them are low stock so they sell out pretty quickly.
Comment below and let me know what all you picked up during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, or what’s on your wish list!
All comments will be entered in a GIVEAWAY!!  One comment per person please.  Thanks!  One lucky SSP reader will win everything below!


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Beach Towel
Tieks Notebook
  Over $700 worth of goodies!
Giveaway ends on Wednesday at midnight!


Don’t forget that Nordstrom offers price adjustments, so be sure and check out their Lilly section here, especially if your favorite item from the sale sold out quickly.  It may still be available at Nordstrom.  You can also check 6pm and Zappos for Lilly, as they sometimes mark down their Lilly at the same time as this sale.
If you have a fit question on a specific item, please email me at sweetsouthernprep at gmail.  I’ll try and help you with sizing as best as I can, and attempt to get back to you promptly!
Whatever happens during the Lilly After Party Sale, I wish you the best and hope you have lots of luck scoring your Lilly favorites!

UPDATE: The virtual line sure was a slow start at first, but eventually went quickly and now there is no wait time at all.  I shopped for the girls first and picked up a few more shifts and even managed to grab some swimsuits for them too.

As for me, I scored another Jupiter Cover-Up, but the Daphne Dress in Red Right Return was not meant to be.  But you know I’ll be checking back tomorrow morning to hope that maybe it will be restocked in my size.  Fingers crossed!

While many items are selling out quickly, there are still a lot of fun pieces still available!

Love these dresses…

Daphne Dress // Bentley V-Neck Dress // Nancy Shift Dress // Cathy Shift Dress // Charlena V-Neck Shift Dress

And these tops…

Captiva Cover-Up // Jupiter Island Cover-Up // Belle Haven Tunic // Ruffle Cashmere Cardigan // Whitney Striped Tank


275 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Giveaway!

  1. I will DEFINITELY be stocking up on Little Lilly, then I usually randomly pick things for myself, but always at least one Elsa. If you haven't tried them yet, their Beach Pant is amazing and they usually have them during the sale! they run big!

  2. I love these sales!! Thanks for always being so helpful with the Lilly sales. I am hoping to snag another Gigi tank, a coverup, and maybe a dress. What a great giveaway Ashley!

  3. My wait time just went from 5 to 6 minutes to get into the sale – Agh! I'm hoping for some shorts (Callahan or Buttercup), maybe some wedges or a maxi dress. Fingers crossed for an Elsa! Good luck πŸ™‚

  4. I'm in line now but it has slowed WAY down from the pace that it was moving… I've got my fingers crossed for an Elsa top or a cover up for our upcoming cruise!! Good luck everyone!

  5. Good morning! I am hoping for a gigi tank (or a few) and a Monterey dress for the upcoming Kenny Chesney concerts! Thank you for all your tips and insight! Happy shopping!

  6. Thanks for the great tips! I scored a Janice Shift in Scuba to Cuba! The line went really quick (originally said 1 hour wait, but quickly went down to 5 minutes!) Happy Shopping! Cheers!

  7. Love the giveaway! thanks for keeping us informed πŸ™‚ I just got back from school drop off and I am in line, 56,000th person waiting? wow.

    Looking forward to your report as soon as you are in so we can have a speedier checkout!

    1. Forgot to mention my wish list. Depending on which prints are available in what, an elsa, some callahans/buttercups, any dresses for my girls, a tote, the Monterey dress, a popover (hopefully red right return), shorts for the girls… staying on budget will be the problem!

  8. I made it through the line and through checkout! I was disappointed that a lot of my list items weren't there, but still plenty of great finds. I bought a pair of Chrissy shorts, a murfee in a print I love but that has been sold out forever, a maxi, and a couple of the Arya tops. I used the app, since it beat the computer wait time. Good luck fellow Lilly ladies πŸ™‚

  9. I ended up getting an Elsa top and Shift dress in First Impression! I also got a v-neck sweater for my mom. I'm hoping to find one or two more causal pieces before tomorrow night!

  10. I'm beyond excited!! I was able to purchase the Lilly Augusta Shift Dress, the Annabelle top and adorable elephant earrings!! Thank you so much for all of your tips and advice! It made my Lilly experience incredible!!

  11. I'm hoping to grab an Elsa and a Gigi for myself and some Little Lilly shifts for my daughter to grow into. Thanks so much for the detailed info, Ashley!

  12. So little tip from a girl who just cleaned shop at the after party sale, open multiple tabs so that you can check out multiple times and then go back to double check to see if you missed anything πŸ™‚ happy shopping!

  13. I would love to win! I am in the queue waiting to snag some shifts, some tanks, and mini-Lilly! Can't wait to finally see what they have to offer! It's my first time shopping the sale…this is unreal. πŸ™‚

  14. I am definitely looking to get an elsa top and several little lilly shifts. I am also waiting in the "virtual line" to shop. I hope there is still stuff left to buy by the time its my turn in the line. Love your reviews!

  15. Thanks so much for all your awesome tips and tricks!! This is my first time on the sale and I am just excited to get ANYTHING!! Haha! Happy shopping!

  16. Thanks so much for all your tips and tricks!! This is my first time to try the sale and I will just be excited to get ANYTHING!! Haha! Happy shopping!!

  17. I got the beach tote in Shorely Blue and the Rosie lace detail shift navy dress! Great haul and easy process with the que system. Congrats on getting your kiddies to school and managing to shop all in one morning! Retail therapy is the best therapy ?

  18. I am super excited! I picked up my first Elsa top, with help on sizing from your blog. I also picked up a Destination Quilted Jacket and a puffer jacket for my mini!!

  19. I think I commented on yesterday's post! Too many windows open with the sale! In any case, thank you again for all the tips over the years. The deals are great and I was able to score a few great things. Thank you!

  20. Thank you so much for all the advice you offer for the sales people, it is definitely appreciated! I was able to snag a cute beach tote as well as a couple tops! These items are my favorite. I can't wait to see what you post is your favorites!

  21. Thank you so much for all the advice, as a new fan of Lilly Pulitzer the help with sizing and preparing for my first sale was so helpful! I can`t usually afford regular Lilly prices so I have been really excited for the sale and am hoping to buy a shift dress and hopefully accessories too!

  22. So hard to choose! I got two of the briony tops, a minka top, a tshirt and a dress for my daughter. Trying to buy things that will move into fall!

  23. Thanks for your detailed post! You are solely responsible to introducing me to the brand because I live in CA where we don't have any stores. Lilly should put you on their payroll?. I bought tried and true basics that I knew the sizing would work: dusk tops, Iona shells, Riley scarf, palmetto dress, and Deanna romper.

  24. Hey there! What a great giveaway — thank you! You are definitely on my DAILY MUST READ LIST! Love all your fashion advice and your amazing pictures!
    I only got ONE item on the actual Lilly site: a necklace! Oh well… BUT I did end up getting a skipper popover in Scuba To Cuba and a bow belt on my local store's site:! so yay!

  25. I was able to snag a Janice Shift dress for graduation and a Jupiter Island Cover-up! Happy girl!
    Thank you for the wonderful post! So helpful πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you for always keeping us up to date on the Lilly Sale! I go to the warehouse sale every year in PA but some prices are better during the After Party Sale. I already snagged the Chrissy shorts in Red Right Return and may go back for the Maisy Slip Dress later. I would love to win this giveaway because I love the Lilly x Target towel!!

  27. I was hoping for the Rylee shift in Not Too Catty, but I was too late. I did pick up a few cute things for my girls though!

  28. I got the green janice dress, hot pink elsa and a pop over. The printed elsa's sold out so quickly in my size. Love your blog! πŸ™‚

  29. I was hoping for some more Gigi tanks or some other tops on the cheaper size, but most of the prints left are ones I already have. I'll keep checking back πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!


  30. I got 2 cotton tops to wear to work in fun prints, one 3/4 length and one short sleeve plus a bathing suit in STC & a jewelry bag. Going back for more later, I'm sure. Lol

  31. I bought the Daphne dress, the Annabelle shift dress, the Estrada knit dress, a couple Michelle v-neck tops (look so cute with jeans!) and a swim suit!

    I love reading your blog!


  32. This was my first time participating in the After Party Sale and I scored a bunch of great pieces! I picked up a Shift dress for me and for my mom, an adorable t-shirt dress, a marigold skort, and a cute clutch! Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  33. Thank you so much for all of your recommendations, I found them to be so helpful! I picked up a couple of beach pants, a Dapne dress and a cover up. Was hoping for an Elsa but they were totally gone!

  34. I scored the CHRISTIE V-NECK T-SHIRT DRESS and can't wait for it to arrive!

    Hope I win the giveaway! I am in love with the tassel earrings you have as a part of it!


  35. Definitely the smoothest sale in recent years! Picked up a few for my baby niece and my mom and I! Shifts for days!

  36. I was able to get a Janice dress, an Elsa and a Little Lilly Shift dress for my niece who will be making her debut this Christmas! Thank you Ashley for all your tips!! Love your blog!

  37. I got myself the Iona top and Laurian cover up. I scored a dress, sweaters and adorable pants for my little Lilly lover and a few Christmas gifts!! Thanks for the chance to win and always providing sound advice on everything Lilly!!

  38. What a great giveaway! I picked up the Daphne dress and the Layton dress and a few other things for myself and my girls! 6pm's sale is great as well!

  39. I was really pleased this time around – I actually really liked the virtual line – I thought it worked much better! Just FYI, I got on the site last night right before I went to bed and left my browser open with the site up. This morning, at 8:00, it automatically put me in line – I still had over 6,000 people in front of me! Ha ha! But I only had to wait about 15 minutes to shop. I got everything that I wanted this time around – an Elsa top, some luxury capris, and a tote. I also got a few Olivia t-shirt dresses, some McKim sandals, bathing suits, and cover-ups for my 3 and 6 year old! Best Lilly sale experience yet!

  40. I got lots of new goodies for Lucy! And threw in a couple of items for me as well;) I always have such a hard time pulling the trigger at sale time! Love how you style all of your Lillys! XO

  41. The Nancy shift dress has always been a favorite. I've also always wanted to get an Elsa top but haven't pulled the trigger yet!

  42. I got shorts, an Elsa, and a couple of dresses. Then I went back and bought some more items for work. Anytime I wear anything Lilly, my husband loves it because of the colors. I love this sale but it's hard to focus on work now

  43. I picked up a few pairs of Callahans – thought everything ran relatively smoothly this morning! Thanks for the shopping tips!

  44. I got the most beautiful white dress for my rehearsal dinner, as well as a Janice and an Alexa High Collar Shift! So excited! Thank you for the always informative posts regarding the sale!

  45. I got two swimsuits for my daughter and a dress. Sadly she is close to sizing out of little girl Lilly. Myself I got two tops. The hooded striped anchor cover up and the Daphne top. I'm sure I'll shop the sale once more before all is said and done.

  46. Lots of little lilly items for my mini- swimsuits and shifts- all thanks to your style and fit guide! Thanks for always taking time to walk us though this!

  47. Stocked up on Callahans! I wear them year-round down here in hot, sunny SW FL! Missed out on some tanks and Elsas. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

  48. Love the recap- for work I ordered the Coco Short Sleeve Shift Dress in Spectrum Blue and the Charlena Deep V-Neck Knit Shift Dress in True Navy and for fun the Dusk Racer Back Tank Top in Skye Blue Salute! Can not wait πŸ™‚

  49. Missed a full day of work, but happily ordered my all time favorite dress – the Devina Lace Tunic :). (Despite having a toddler throwing random tantrums and the Iphone app crashing- eek!)

  50. Unfortunately I am a nurse and had to report to duty at the hospital this morning, but I was able to sneak away for a few minutes and was able to get an Amelia Island Tunic and the Cara Dolman Sleeve Dress – love the prints available this year! Love your blog – thanks for all the tips! Most helpful! πŸ™‚

  51. Unfortunately, I had to skip this time – just diagnosed with a major medical illness that is going to require all extra finances for awhile. I loved this post and looking at all the pretty things, though! And thanks for the opportunity with the giveaway!

    I usually get murfees and new tops in the Lilly sale – looking forward to my next chance in winter!

  52. I tried for a couple dresses for my girls, but, they were sold out. The tanks I liked were also all gone. I'm checking a few other sites now. You are right, those tanks are the best!

  53. First time shopping the sale, and thanks to your tips, it was a success. My phone app was logged in and seemed to get me in line before being logged in on the website and I only had about a 30 minute wait to shop. There was so much and so many sizes available, that I could have done some major damage. πŸ™‚ Snagged a few shifts of my mini, some dresses for myself and the beautiful white Amelia embroidered top that I have been eyeing in Belk. Thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚

  54. I picked up two swim suits, the merry merry me sweater, andie tops, and the multi all nighter delia shift. I was really hoping to get the cara dolman dress in, In the Vias size small. So if you see one please let me know. : )
    Thank you for the give away Ashley!

  55. At 3 seconds after 8:00 am I was #1999 in line! It went quickly though and by 8:25 I scored a french terry dress and a cardigan for myself and beach shorts, a shift dress, and a bikini for my 16 year old daughter. Thank you for your helpful hints for the sale as well as your great blog posts!

  56. I picked up a dress, 2 v-neck tops, the tote in scuba to Cuba, the chowdah necklace, an infinity scarf with tassels, and will shop some more tomorrow!!! πŸ˜€

  57. The Colette Lace Tunic Dress in Jewel Green Sunburst Lace is most definitely on my wish list!


  58. Thanks for all the great tips and finds from the sale! I picked up the Daphne dress in Trapeze Pink and the Dusk tank in Skye Blue!

  59. Thanks for the tips! This was my first Lilly sale. My daughter is turning 12 next week and is obsessed! I was able to snag her 2 sweaters, a scarf, and a crossbody purse. She's going to be so excited!

  60. I love the shift dresses! I also love the tank you wore in this post; it would go with everything from chino shorts to white jeans!

  61. I ended up getting 2 dresses, a sweater, and a pair of jeans! I got the Nadine V-Neck Lace Dress, the Lamora Long Sleeve Lace Tunic Dress, the Blythe Pullover Sweater, and the Worth Skinny Jeans. Yay! πŸ™‚

  62. So happy I found your blog! Shopped the sale but got a late start. My daughters found a few things…tops, shorts and flip flips. I was so focused on them and lost the Elsa tops and accessories in my cart! Oh well…I guess it was a sign that I really did not need. With two Lilly loving daughters, I guess I was doomed from the start! Haha. Maybe I should have kept the sale to myself. Do you think I should try again tomorrow? Sure…why not? Thanks for all of your posts and for the chance to win the amazing giveaway. Wow!!!

  63. So happy to find your blog tonite! Shopped the sale but got a late start. I have two Lilly loving daughters who found some great tops, shorts and dresses. Unfortunately, I lost my items in the cart but I figured that would happen. I was doomed from the minute I invited them to my laptop! Think I will try again tomorrow. Wht not? Searching for an Elsa in a medium. Thanks for your great posts and the opportunity to enter your amazing giveaway!!!

  64. I snagged the Brewster tshirt dress, the little girls puffer vest and jacket, Andie boat neck top and two of the v-neck sweaters. That was my first trip! Went back for more! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the tips!!

  65. SO bummed I missed the sale this morning! My wish list includes the Monterey Tank Dress that you have – I love it! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  66. I got the Sloane in Samba, the Cathy in Blue Heaven, the Delia in Conch Republic, the Hayden cardigan in navy/white/light blue, the Captain popover in white, and the Conch Republic workout capris and top.

  67. I got an Andie boatneck top in Back It Up and a Bailey top in Let Minnow, I was really hoping to snag a Gigi tank or a Jesse skort romper but they were out of my size! The sale was really good and it was definitely worth dragging myself out of bed with 2 hours of sleep!

  68. I got 3 shift dresses, 2 white (annabelle and mila) and one pink/white (beth sphagetti strap) !! Its actually sad because i just purchased 3 dresses last week from their new collection.. ugh the addiction is truly real!!! Anyways, love reading your style and blog in general xx

  69. I was most excited to pick up two pairs of the Luxletic yoga pants! I have a friend who works for corporate, and she swears that they're the most comfortable, flattering pant Lilly has ever made! I wanted them at full price, but I never pulled the trigger. They got marked down so low yesterday! I was stoked! (I also got a Harp wrap and a crossbody bag that will perfect for Europe next month.)

  70. I was most excited to pick up two pairs of the Luxletic yoga pants! I have a friend who works for corporate, and she swears that they're the most comfortable, flattering pant Lilly has ever made! I wanted them at full price, but I never pulled the trigger. They got marked down so low yesterday! I was stoked! (I also got a Harp wrap and a crossbody bag that will perfect for Europe next month.)

  71. I picked up a few tanks and sweaters (open Hayden cardigan and Adelaide)! I also purchased a Riley scarf and a Caftan cover up which will be great for my honeymoon!! Hoping to find they restock so I can get a few dresses!!

  72. I got a popover for my mom and 2 tops for myself online. Then I ran to the Lilly store and grabbed a popover for myself and matching one for my 2 year old. Successful sale for us!

  73. I snagged a long, ruffled cashmere cardigan (I covet/hoard these from Lilly every year), black Worth skinny jeans, an infinity scarf, a Sarasota pintuck tunic, and two little Lilly shifts and a swimsuit for my mini. Love the sale and the giveaway!

  74. I ordered the "It's a Keeper Smart Phone ID Wristlet" in Multi All Nighter & (even though it wasn't on sale) the "Medium Agenda" in Bright Navy Wild Confetti. So excited! This is the first time I have ordered and wish I had read your post sooner about the tank. They are all sold out. Oh, well….:-)

  75. I'm loving the beach pants! I can't wait to try them for chasing little ones on the beach. Thanks for always giving sale tips!

  76. I was able to get everything I wanted! Briella dress in Johnny B, the Jupiter Island Tunic in the same print you have (Seeing Pink Elephants) and lastly a Finn Cut Out Top in Green Parrot. πŸ™‚

  77. Shift dresses are really growing on me. I thought I'd look like I was wearing a potato sack, but no! I love the styles here! I really love the Lilly towel! And I swear by Anastasia brow products.

  78. I grabbed the cruiser button down in red right return, the Pearl shift also in red right return (see a theme here? lol), and the Brynn dress in back it up. I keep eyeing an Elsa in palm party, but I just need to have some self control for the Lilly!

  79. I grabbed the cruiser button down in red right return, the Pearl shift also in red right return (see a theme here? lol), and the Brynn dress in back it up. I keep eyeing an Elsa in palm party, but I just need to have some self control for the Lilly!

  80. Love, love, love your giveaway!!!! Unfortunately, I missed out on the Lilly After Sale. Was hoping to snag a few Callahan shorts and tops but my size quickly sold out.

  81. oddly – did not buy anything on my wishlist, but i'm happy with the three dresses and charter sweaters i bought. LOVE the charter sweaters. the davina i snatched i have long been looking at, so it's a nice get! πŸ™‚

  82. I really wanted the palmetto t-shirt dress in bright navy in the villas but it was not to be – I couldn't click it into my cart and then it was gone. I looked for some elsas but it didn't happen. I did get the Charlena in two colors, a maxi skirt, the bennet sweater in white and two cardigans. Oh, and a cuff and a necklace – oops!

  83. I didn't buy anything, but I just told my mother-in-law that the Kennedy Cut-Out Shift Dress in Resort White Casa Marina is on my Christmas list. Fingers crossed that Santa loves me this year!

  84. Oh my gosh, a yoga towel/mat has been on my shopping list for two months but I haven't found one I love enough to cover up my pretty mat. That yogitoes is so cute.

    Anyway, I think I NEED this Delia Shift Dress from Lilly for a wedding I'm going to next week. So cute!

  85. Love this entire post! Love all the beautiful pictures, the dresses are so fun and colorful. I didn't score any when they came out (can you believe how quickly certain pieces sold out?!) but I wish I had. Love everything!

  86. Love love love your blog!! I scored 3 dresses- 2 shifts and a tshirt dress. The shifts will be my first! I can't wait to get them in and wear them! I wanted one of the scarves but was too late πŸ™ Still excited though!

  87. This was my first After Party sale. Thanks for all the tips! I scored the Kariana Sweater Shift in navy. It shipped the next day and will be on my doorstep tomorrow. YAY!

  88. This was my first After Party sale. Thanks for all the tips! I scored the Kariana sweater shift in navy. It shipped the next day and will be on my doorstep tomorrow. YAY!

  89. Your giveaway and all the item look so awesome. Definitely, the Manduka Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat is on my wishlist because I have a plan to register a yoga class very soon!!

    Thank You for the great giveaway!

    Fiona N

  90. It was my first sale and I bought a resort tote for myself and one for my babysitter's birthday in September. I also got a few scarves, shirts and a pair of Callahan shorts!

  91. It was my first Lilly sale and I got a resort tote for my babysitter's birthday in September, and lots of scarves, shirts and two dresses!

  92. I got a dress for my daughter but when I got it home it did not fit to small the size was all wrong gave it to a niece.. Other than that they were sold out of everything boohoo..

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