Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Final Details and Tips!


I hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!  The weather has been beautiful and we’ve been getting prepared for school starting back tomorrow.  Yesterday, we headed to the Farmer’s Market downtown for breakfast and picked up crepes, an omelette and some yummy cheese grits.  The children played on the jumpy house (their favorite) and I had the BEST smoothie!
So tomorrow is the big day!  Lilly’s After Party Sale!  I’ve got to get the girls to school early, but as soon as I return I’ll be jumping on the computer to shop the sale and updating my post throughout the day with fit guides and favorites for you!  After posting lots of info the past few days about the sale, I went back and looked at their FAQs and realized I’d forgotten to mention a few things and also wanted to organize it all for you.
1.  This year’s sale will run for TWO DAYS, starting tomorrow (Monday) at 8am and ending on Tuesday at midnight.

2.  This year, all sale items are FINAL SALE.  In past sales, some items were marked ‘SALE’ and others were marked ‘FINAL SALE’.  You were always able to return regular sale items for merchandise credit, but this year everything is FINAL SALE and cannot be returned, even for store credit.

3.  When checking out, make sure and TRIPLE CHECK your order before placing it.  Your order can not be changed once it has been submitted.  And if I haven’t said it enough, be sure and create an account here beforehand, to save you a lot of time when checking out tomorrow.

4.  Even if you purchase a full-priced item during the sale, it may take longer than the usual 2-3 days to arrive.  With the HIGH VOLUME of orders being processed, shipments will take a little longer to get to you.  You will receive a shipment confirmation email once your package leaves our warehouse.

5.  If you’re wondering why this sale is such a BIG DEAL, it’s that Lilly only has two online sales per year.  One in January and one in August.

6.  Shipping is FREE!  If there’s anything you know you REALLY want, check out quickly with that item(s) first, guaranteeing you’ll get it. Then if you want, you can always go back for more.  Just know, that this time when you go back to shop again, you’ll be added to the back of the virtual line.  So I’d recommend adding as many of your favorites to your cart the first time, since you’re in.  Just know, as always, they’re not reserved until you check-out, so get shopping quickly!

7.  If possible, have at least two form of technology in front of you to SHOP.  Sometimes your phone may update faster, and sometimes the computer works better.  If at all possible, shop from your computer.  This way you can see more items at one time, than if you’re just using your phone.
8. If you’re having trouble deciding on what size to order, sign up for TrueFit. I would go ahead and do this before the sale starts.  It helps you select the best size for you, taking into account your measurements and how the style of the item fits.  Be as accurate as you can on your size and TrueFit will let you know the best size for you.  Also, you can check out product reviews and fit recommendations for each style too.  I realize signing up for TrueFit takes you to Nordstrom’s site, but it will stay with you when you’re shopping on other sites too, like Lilly Pulitzer.  Look for what size they recommend for you above the list of sizes on the left side, on each style while you’re shopping.

9. If you ever want to check your order status, enter your order number here.

10.  Be prepared to see lots of items from any of the past seasons.  Lilly will also have a great ACCESSORIES SECTION with Lilly prints on things from tablecloths to scarves.  Many of these novelty items go quickly because they’re so unique and are marked down so much.  Be sure and check them out too.  Many of them make great gifts too!

11. After you place your order, you may see a charge on your credit card, even when your order is showing as STILL PROCESSING.  If your order hasn’t yet shipped, you’re seeing a pre-authorization hold. Lilly won’t actually charge your card until your order has left their warehouse. This pre-authorization hold acts as a placeholder to ensure there are adequate funds in your account before your items are sent out.  Hope that makes sense!

12. ELSA TOPS – My favorite style of Lilly!  For fit, I’m a 4/6 and a Small fits best.
For answers to more FAQs, click here.  As I stated above, line management is the biggest change from previous sales.  Basically, it will still be the same where items aren’t reserved in your cart until you’ve completed check-out, but this year, when you want to check-out you’ll be added to a virtual line. And while you’re waiting, items aren’t reserved in your cart.  So if you reach the front of the line (time to shop and check-out) many of your items may not be in your cart anymore, meaning they’ve sold out while you were waiting.  So if I can’t emphasize it enough, shop quickly for what you’re looking for.  Consider having a list of your favorites, so you don’t forget to look at a specific section while you’re shopping.
While you’re waiting for the sale to start tomorrow morning, don’t forget to head over here to enter my giveaway!

For more sale tips, check out my posts from Friday and Saturday!

Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Final Details and Tips!

  1. Thanks for the reminders! Do you think the new line check out means that when we use the "check out early and often method" we'll have to wait to get back into the sale? In the past they've limited how many people can access the sale online at any given time and you had to wait to get back into the page if you closed your browser or tried accessing the site late.

    1. I think so. This time they're wanting more people to shop and stock up the first time you're in, because if you go back later to shop again, you'll be added to the back of the virtual line. And when your turns comes up again, your items may have already sold out. Also, remember that just because you're in and able to shop doesn't mean your items will be reserved until you've completely checked out.

  2. You introduced me to the sale a few years ago and I am so thankful for that. I was able to snag matching dresses for my girls. LP makes it easy for them to match despite one being 2 and one 8; they absolutely love it. For me a couple Elsa tops, couple Arya tops, beach pants. I'm tempted to get a popover…may head back over. I also shop Nordstroms and, they put LP on sale as well.

  3. Hey Ashley! Thanks for always helping us with the sales. Your kids are absolutely adorable and I love reading your blog and seeing your Instagram posts. I had a little luck with the sale but the all nighter elsa that I really wanted vanished from my bag 🙁 I ended up getting the linen pants in conch republic, the big flirt elsa and the salute elsa. Basically, the ones that weren't sold out. Oh well, next year!

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