Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Lilly Giveaway!!

 The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today!  At 8am SHARP!  Be sure and check back here throughout the day!  I’ll be providing images of my favorites from the sale.  If you need last-minute tips before you shop, click here.
Below I’ve provided some info on sizing and looks I’ve loved lately that are hopefully now on sale!  The most important thing to tell you is that most items ran small this past Fall season.  If you’ve had something on your wish list during this time, and are unsure of sizing, make sure and order at least a size up.  Callahan Shorts, and both vest styles run small, so make sure and order up on all of those.  While most things ran small, the Devlin Sweater Dress ran big, so size down.  If you have a fit question on a specific item, please email me at sweetsouthernprep at gmail.  I’ll try and help you with sizing as best as I can, and attempt to get back to you promptly!


UPDATE #2: Nordstrom just marked down a lot of Lilly items!
Shop them all here!  These will go quickly!

UPDATE: Sharing my favorite items below, of what’s left!

Click here to check out Lilly’s Flash Sale of new items just added.
Hurry though, these items will go quickly!  I just scored the navy t-shirt dress!

Glass Christmas Ornament

Espadrille Wedges

Murfee Scarf

Murfee Scarf

Little Lilly Shifts

Little Lilly Shift
LOVE this print!

Naples Pullover

Camellia Lace Dress
Runs small. Go up a size.

Runs small. Order a size up.
Love the print!  High wedges are necessary to wear this dress, unless you want to hem it.
Runs small, order a size up.

Deanna Romper // It runs small, so order a size up.  The straps are adjustable.  Cannot wait to wear this again this summer!

 Tory Burch Miller Sandals // Stella & Dot Renegade Bracelet // Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet

Okay, so I MAY just have a slight obsession with Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Tops.  But seriously, they’re so soft and silky, and flow well, but not too much.  A great length too!

Entourage Zebra Elsa // Pink Vest (old, very similar to this Lilly pink one (runs small, order a size up)) // Tory Burch Chase Ballet Flats (run big, order a half-size down; sold out, same style, fun print here) // Watch (on sale)

Paws Off Elsa // Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Magenta // Hunter Rain Boots (sold out, similar here) // MK Watch // Exact Same AG Distressed Jeans

And obviously the Elsa Tops are naturally going very quickly.  They go with everything!  Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the Elsas, especially when they’re on sale! I’m a 4/6 and wear a Small in them.  The girls are wearing Little Lilly Shift Dresses paired with these Old Navy Pink Cardigans (on sale).  Wheeler is wearing this one, currently on sale and available in all sizes.

As stated earlier, Lilly’s sizing ran on the small side this Fall.  Lilly has said that they are working on getting their sizing more accurate, and that most items from Resort are supposed to be back to the normal sizing that you’re used to.  Lilly admits that their sizing was off this past Fall, and says they are continuing to work on fixing the fit and proportions on their designs.  One item that hasn’t changed is the sizing of the Elsa Top.  It is just as accurate as it’s always been.  Thanks, Lilly Team!

For my SSP followers from the sale in August, I apologize for the repeat pics below.  These items may be part of the sale AGAIN, and I wanted to share them with my new followers, with sizing info.
Deanna Romper // It runs small, so order a size up.  I’m a 4/6 and am wearing a Medium.
The Liza Shorts are a great fit. They don’t have pockets, so no bulging on the sides. They’re true to size. I’m a 4/6 and have them in a 6.
Most shorts are sold out at Lilly, to check out more shorts on sale, click here.

Lots of Little Lilly Shifts are available during the sale!  Mamas, Grandmothers, Aunts, etc. of little girls, stock up!  The easiest thing to throw on in the summer…and winter!  My girls just pair them with long sleeve shirts underneath when it’s cool out.
Head here to check out the entire Girls’ Sale Section.
When shopping, don’t forget about the Accessories Section!  Great gift ideas!!
Comment below and let me know what all you picked up during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, or what’s on your wish list!
All comments will be entered in a GIVEAWAY.  One comment per person.  Thanks!  One lucky SSP reader will win everything below, including an Insulated Cooler Tote!

Happy Shopping and Good Luck!

Remember to shop quickly because the good stuff goes fast.  Shipping is free, so you can check-out as many times as you’d like without a shipping charge.  All sales are final, so triple check your order.

If you’re currently on the wait list, has a TON of Lilly marked down!!  Check it all out here.  This top above is only $27.20 with free shipping!  A steal!  And all Elsa Tops are on sale for $63.20 with free shipping.  Check out the whole selection here.  I also really like the print and style of this dress and this dress.

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

188 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Lilly Giveaway!!

  1. I was able to shop early (yay!) and I picked up a Stuffed Shells Elsa, a navy Beckett dress, the Angel Halter Maxi in Under the Palms, the Gigi V-Neck in Electric Feel, the Porter Henley in Under the Palms, and some black travel pants!

    PS: I love your blog! Long time reader, first time commenter! <3

    1. Thanks! I know the site is down now, but I was able to screenshot the entire sale from a tab I had open and never refreshed. I put it up on my blog! Hopefully it helps people plan while they wait for the page to open back up.

  2. Hey, I am a new reader and first time Lilly sale shopper. I think that was my fastest shopping experience ever, my heart is still racing haha. I managed to purchase everything in my cart! I purchased the Gigi V neck, tortoise bangles, an elsa and matching child's tunic. I will be back for more later! Thanks for all the sale info.

  3. New reader & New to Lilly! I love how you styled the Elsa's & Rompers! I'm currently seeing the "you're on hold for an hour page". πŸ™ Hope all the Elsa's don't sell out!! Thanks for providing such fun fashion inspiration

  4. I was hoping for an iPad case, but since the one I wanted sold out before I could get it into my tote, I got a Gigi v neck tank! Hope you can get everything you're hoping for!


  5. Snatched up the Let's Cha Cha Janice shift from last night for $57 including shipping. Got the Gigi v-neck tank and a pair of Liza shorts this morning from Lilly. Thanks for all the photos!!

  6. I picked up the Parrish maxi dress in Sea and Be Seen, the Lindamarie Caftan, the Brielle Dress in pink, and the Rory tank in Rollin in the Grass! Thanks for all the tips I love your blog!

  7. I scored the under the palms tshirt dress and wanted more but things seemed to sell out more quickly for this sale πŸ™ thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I snagged the Brielle Dress, the Destination Quilted Jacket, and a Little Lilly shift for my daughter. I would love to go back and buy more, but I already spent too much haha!

  9. I was able to get the Alene Top (only $19!!!), the Ember Shift Dress, the Layton Short Sleeve Shift dress, and two Elsa Tops in Electric Feel and Under the Palms!

  10. I got an elsa and a casual dress. I was so bummed that my sorority's (Kappa Delta) tote sold out while the site was down for me!

  11. I snagged a Brielle dress, a Corine dress, a Beckett dress, an Elsa top, and the She Shells earrings!! phew – almost panicked but made it through!! πŸ™‚

  12. I bought two Elsa tops, a Leighton shift dress and a dew drop bib necklace. I think that's all. I placed several orders and it got a little crazy trying to get my kids out the door while shopping.

  13. I always love a giveaway…fingers crossed! I am really hoping for anything in the "you gotta regatta" print to wear to sailing events this spring/summer. I always seem to miss out – I guess it was a popular print!

  14. Finally was able to check out a few time with some of the items I wanted! I lost a lot of the ones I really loved when it froze πŸ™ but still love my Beckett Dress, Margate Sleeveless Dress (to wear to my bridal shower later this year!!!), Peacock clasp belt and the Sarasota beaded tunic. Debating between the Topanga Lace Tunic Dress and the Jade V-neck Tunic in white for my other bridal shower or my rehearsal dinner!!

  15. Crossing my fingers for the giveaway! I managed to score some elsas, travel pants, a riley tassel scarf, braylen tunic and the "oh shift" sweater I've been lusting after! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your tips and sizing advice!

  16. I was going to get more Elsa tops but noticed the difference in the sizing for the fall. I had to return some this fall because they ran smaller than the past and I ordered the same size I already have. I bought a couple shift dresses for my girls… Can't beat the price.

  17. I love the paws off Elsa!! Everything looks great on you! I was able to snag some items that I really wanted in the sale and can't wait to get them.

  18. I ordered my first Elsa in the blue stuffed shells print. Also got an Asher dolman short sleeved top in a fn electric print. Hope I got the sizing right!!

  19. Yay for the sale! Thank you for all the details or I wouldn't have known 1/2 of what to do! I was able to grab some cute dresses for my sweets girls (ages 7 & 1) and a few Elsa tops, my first venture into the world of Elsa tops (and likely not my last-haha)! Thank you again!

  20. I was able to get in at 9:15am. I have purchased several items (shifts and bathing suit) for my 5.5yr old daughter, and a maxi and shirt dress for me. I am checking throughout the day and tomorrow to see what other sizes and items are re-stocked.

  21. Thank you so much! I got in right at 8am and bought the Elsa in Entourage and the Ember dress is sea oat. I ordered my normal size 2 in that dress before seeing your morning post stating that sizing ran small this past season….have you by chance tried on that dress to see if its a full size smaller? Im keeping my fingers crossed it fits.

  22. Lots of stuff! An Elsa in true navy, white Hepburn cigarette pants, a Layton dress, a Beckett dress in Ariel blue (have loved the green one I have), and some dresses for my 5 year old and 3 year old! Thanks for all the tips – really helped me this time around!

  23. Love your pics and especially how your girls are so into Lilly! I'm pregnant with my first girl and can't wait to get her addicted, too! Shopped the sale this morning and picked up a few dresses and travel pants! I think I'll really be into the elastic waistband once my little one arrives!! Thanks for sharing all your finds! Love following you on insta!

  24. On the Lilly website, I bought a Naples pullover, and I tried to buy two dresses but lost them while they were in my cart! I went on Ocean Palm and snagged a Margeary dress and a carded ID cross body! All for under $100!

  25. I got the Elsa in Magenta, ghe Beckett dress, travel pant, Riley tassel scarf, pair of shorts and a couple dresses. πŸ™‚

  26. I missed out on the Elsa that I wanted most, but picked up a different elsa and 2 dresses. Luckily, I found my coveted Elsa for a great price at The Pink Pelican. Be sure to check them out. Their prices are great!

  27. Loved your tip! Totally helped me get some good stuff this morning and ease the pain of this cold Boston morning. thank you!

  28. I'd love to pick up another maxi! We're headed to Mexico in June with a group of college friends, and I need something cute for our nights out.

  29. I picked up two Elsas (tusk in sun pink + stuffed shells!), two travel pants (black + navy) + a tech clutch! Great sale!

  30. I totally missed out on the Elsas'!!!! That was the one thing I was hoping for but I had class at 8:05 this morning!! I did get the ornament and quilted jacket!! : ))) thanks for a fun giveaway!

  31. Wish I could have gotten through quicker! I got a few cute shirts for me & some cute dresses for my baby girl! I'm going to have to check out 6pm too! Thanks for the heads up! πŸ™‚

  32. Snagged a Looong Weekend sweater. Considering traveller pants–how do they run? Will keep checking back and hoping for restocked items:)
    Thanks! Em

  33. Had a hard time getting on this morning, but snagged the Beckett Shirt Dress and a shift. Keep checking back to see if there is anything that has been restocked that I can't live without. Your girls are absolutely precious!

  34. I was so upset! I had all this stuff in my cart for my daughter and the site crashed! I loved the infant shift dresses and swimsuits. I logged in right at 8am too! So I decided instead to treat myself to a murfee scarf!

  35. I bought the Palmetto V-neck dress in Multi Hot Spot! While the prices were great, I wasn't super impressed with the products. Might just have to buy the Florida murphee to make me feel better! πŸ˜‰

  36. What didn't I purchase during the sale?!?! I was able to score a couple of Elsa tops, a couple of dresses, a cute straw clutch and even the tusk tusk cuff that I've been eyeing for months! Great sale, but it certainly sold out of the good stuff super quick!

  37. So many goodies poured in my cart in such a frenzy I'm not even totally sure what I got. I know I got an Elsa, that gorg pink Hera dress, two sheaths, a tunic dress, and a maxi skirt. Waiting to see if any new goodies go up soon!!!

  38. I got on the site right at 8AM and had the site crash multiple times and the checkout take forever but finally was able to snag an Elsa πŸ™‚ My first one! so excited! I wanted a couple of more things but my sizes were gone by 8:30AM. I am going to browse back thru and take a look. I think the August sale went more smoothly than the one today. Things got gone fast. Thanks for always being so up to date on the latest sales and all things Lilly πŸ™‚

  39. I finally got on and bought an Elsa shirt and a maxi dress… I am back on and debating on the circle neck maxi dress for a wedding in April… hmm.. what to do…. I'm clueless about the size because I am 5'10" !I really wanted some of the pants.. but oh well next time!

  40. All I picked up today was a Beckett Shirtdress – I'm still super excited about it and will keep checking in πŸ™‚

  41. I got a black devlin, navy travel pants, a rory top in electric feel, and a black beckett dress. Can't wait for it all to arrive!

  42. I wanted an Elsa oh Soooo bad but I missed out on all of them :(. I'll keep checking back. I did score on 2 dresses though, thanks for all the info, you rock!!

  43. I picked up matching little lilly shifts for my littles and 2 tops for me also, the racerback tank and a cotton tunic. I also happened to be in Southpark the Lilly store is price matching so I was able to try things on. Smaller selection but at least I knew sizing. I got the Topanga dress in blue for a wedding in February and a little Lilly sweater dress. Might be worth a trip to the store!! Hope I win!!

  44. Its so hard to pick just one thing on my lilly wish list, I am loving the trunk show pattern and the marlowe boatneck dress would be so cute for spring/summer months!

  45. I got the stuffed shell Elsa top, the Corine tshirt dress in sunkissed pink paws off, the Carol shift dress in multi hot spot, and the Riley tassel infinity scarf in shorely blue pass the peanuts!

  46. I snagged an Elsa. My third choice print due to all the crashing early on, but happy I got one! I also grabbed a vest, Leona zip sweatshirt, tassel infinity scarf and the sweetest little Lilly shift. Thanks for all your help with sizing! Seems that everything went extremely fast this sale!

  47. I hope I have not doubled posted. I purchased the Adelaide v neck sweater as well as a sorority tote for my daughter in law.

  48. I grabbed a Marielle sweater, a wallet and a Murfee scarf! Thanks for the tip on the discounted Elsa tops on 6pm too – love how you styled one above with the pink rain boots!

  49. I got a lovely pink jacket for my sweet daughter, a monogram sweater, a girl's swimsuit, and a couple of cute dresses…despite the crashes and delays! Pleased overall with my finds!!

  50. I got some Elsa tops (first time buyer thanks to you πŸ™‚ ), a scarf, and am hoping they add more tomorrow! I hope you got everything you wanted! Thank your on much for the giveaway, so generous!

  51. I have too many things on my wishlist! Those bowtie earrings are difficult to walk away from. Hope you snagged some great deals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I was trying so hard to hold out, and teaching all day probably helped a lot, but I ultimately couldn't resist the Corinne Dress in that Paws Off print from one of the Lilly via shops online!

  53. Hey, Ashley! I know I am late to post, but I did manage to score the Erika metallic lace dress in the pretty sea foam color this morning. I have enjoyed reading your blog the past several months, and following you on IG. I also live in Charlotte (well, south of technically), and I just think you have the cutest family! You are quite the inspiration to me and other fellow mamas too! Enjoy your week and this new year!!

  54. I sadly missed out on the Elsas in my size but got the Kingsley Crew Neck pullover in the under the palms pink colorway which has already shipped! I also got the she sells necklace and a Pisces Murfee for my Mil. Thanks to you and the heads up on the flash sale, I was able to get the chowdah necklace too! I appreciate your advice so much!

  55. I snagged a couple of dresses for my daughter Poppy but missed the knit shift for her. And of course I hesitated too much and missed the Elsa I wanted. Oh well!

  56. Thanks for doing this great giveaway! Despite some website difficulties in the beginning I was able to get a few things (Elsa top – of course, Beckett dress, Quilted jacket). Can't wait to see what the flash sale will be!

  57. I love all things Lilly, but this was my first time shopping a sale. I am so thankful for your blog posts because I had no idea what to expect- who knew a Lilly sale could be so crazy! Your posts about what to expect and your sizing guidelines were extremely helpful. I scored an Elsa and a new dress. I was so surprised to get an email saying my order had shipped, just hours after I had placed it. I cannot wait for my items to arrive!
    I love you and your blog, and your family is adorable. I am guilty of pinning almost all of your pictures onto my "Dream Family" board on Pinterest. I am forever thankful for the day I ran across you on Instagram. Have a great day and happy shopping!

  58. I snagged the Brielle dress in cameo white ottoman strip and the Holbrook strapless maxi! Perfect for wedding and honeymoon events. πŸ˜‰

  59. I did well this year – but luckily showed some restraint! Ended up with a couple dresses that will be great for work with a navy blazer, one Elsa (The Pink Palm had True Blue Checking In on sale!!), and the Porter from that you blogged about! Oh, and a Navy My Beau Belt because I wear my black one ALL the time! I'm still debating the Travel Pants…

  60. How do the Marielle Boatneck sweaters run? I want to buy one and have never tried Lilly clothes before, only accessories. True fit says small, comments are saying that they run small however. Help please?

    Also, I've picked up a Christmas ornament, a necklace, a wristlet, and a Henley top πŸ™‚

  61. I also managed to get the Glass Ornament in I'm Game as well as the Fabric Napkins in Chin Chin, Portable Speakers in Lobstah Roll, and the V Neck Top & Tee Shirt Dress in Escapades in the Everglades! So in love with all my purchases and didn't go TOO overboard this time πŸ˜‰

  62. I am really excited to receive my first Elsa! I also got 2 shifts for my older daughter (age 3)…. The baby sizes were sold out too quickly!

  63. Unfortunately I'm a little broke and couldn't go crazy with the sale, but I managed to score the Drop Me A Line Smart Phone Wristlet for only $19! It's so cute, and it's supposed to arrive Thursday which is amazing considering some peoples Lilly items from this sale take 3 weeks to arrive! I can't wait for the summer sale, I'll be saving up for it! Please enter me in your giveaway! πŸ™‚

  64. Love your contest, especially the insulated cooler bag in You Gotta Regatta. Love sailboats, as that is my sorority symbol! I was good and didn't buy anything – why does the sale have to be right after holiday shopping????

  65. I wasn't sure about sizing, so I ordered some things in two different sizes. The Layton in the two different prints, Entourage and I Katty, Corinne in Sea Oat and Paws off, ornaments, bangle set, tortoise bangles, Leopard cuff, Aquarius murfee, Riley in Brazilllian brown Entourage with brown travel pants to match and Marielle C sweater. I was more restrained with the APS than the ESS!

  66. I got three great tops…. Can't wait til they come…. Thanks for the info…. And do you have any suggestions on where to look for a shirt other than eBay, tried there;) if it's sold out online?

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