Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale New Items Added Today! + Last Day of Lilly Giveaway!

First things first, I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words on your comments yesterday both on Instagram and the blog.  I’ve always loved helping y’all out with these Lilly sales and just think it’s so thoughtful of you to write such kind words about me.  Made my day!!
So glad so many of you scored lots of awesome goodies.  With the site crashing and the wait time in the morning, I know it wasn’t as smooth as we’d all hoped, but hopefully it was still worth it.  I know, I know, Lilly has had plenty of time to prepare for this sale, and should know the magnitude of how good we all think this sale is.  Maybe they didn’t realize how many Lilly Lovers there are out there.  I for one didn’t.  I mean when I was 43,562 on the wait list just to be able to access the sale yesterday, that was crazy to me.  We sure love our Lilly don’t we?  I’m glad they showed the numbers though.  I think they wanted to let everyone to realize just how many people were shopping that morning.  Yes, we lost items out of our carts, our favorite items were gone when we were finally able to log in, but I guess we should all be thankful that Lilly has this sale at all, right?  And like I always say, maybe the next sale will run more smoothly.  You never know.  
I’m guessing everyone is dreaming of summer and wants some Lilly to help them make it through the year until then.  Who knows.  One thing I do know is that there’s one more day of this sale, and new items have been added!  I also know they will have one more Flash Sale sometime today, so I’ll be sure and post an update to the blog once it goes live.  And if anything else new is added, I’ll be sure and let y’all know!  Here’s hoping you all receive order confirmations if you ordered something yesterday, and after today, we can all wait in anticipation for our Lilly packages to arrive!
UPDATE: Lilly has added new items to the After Party Sale which I posted earlier, but they seriously went so fast that I’ve removed the items that have already sold out.  Can’t believe it!  See my favorites below of what’s left, with sizing help.  Hurry though, just like yesterday, these new items are selling out quickly!  I’ve also included favorites that are still available at 6pm, that have sold out during Lilly’s Sale.

Amazon has a lot of Lilly on sale right now too!  Click here to check it all out!

UPDATE #3: To end the evening and the final hours of the sale, Lilly just added this Zip Up Hoodie Sweater to the sale.  It runs small, so size up.  As of 8:15pm, it’s currently available in all sizes and in three colors.

UPDATE #2: Lilly’s Flash Sale Goodies were just posted!  Shop them all here.
Both dresses fit true to size.

**Click on products to shop or links below.**
Angel Halter Maxi Dress
Also available in more sizes here.

Janice Shift Dress
Order a size up, runs small.

Janice Shift Dress
Order a size up, runs small.

Porter Henley Top
Have this print in an Elsa, but I love the print so much that I ordered it in this style top too.

I wear these as swimsuit cover-ups in the summer.

Sarasota Beaded Tunic
True to size.

Liz Shift Dress

I decided to order this Ornament to have for next Christmas!
Too cute and a great price!
After reading all of your comments yesterday, many of you ordered the Travel Pant.  Most reviews on Lilly items have about three comments each, these Travel Pants have over 100 awesome reviews!  Everyone seems to like how they’re fitted like leggings, but thicker like riding pants, so they can be paired with regular tops for work or play.  There are five different colors available too, and marked down to $39.  Based on the reviews, if you’re between sizes I would order up a size.
Don’t forget to check 6pm.com.  Still a lot of Lilly available on sale, like my Deanna Romper (runs small, order a size up) and these Palazzo Pants I ordered during Lilly’s last sale.
Nordstrom has also marked down lots of Lilly, as well.  Check out their sale here.
I’m sure I’ll still be shopping tonight at 11pm, right before the Sale ends, as I always do.  Just don’t want to regret not getting Lilly at such a great price!
Remember, the Lilly After Party Sale ends at MIDNIGHT!
My Lilly Giveaway ends at midnight, as well.  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.
Good luck!  Click here to enter.
For more of my Lilly Sale Picks and some of my previous Lilly outfits, check out yesterday’s post here.
As I mentioned above, there will be a Flash Sale later today.  I’ll be sure to post it on Instagram and the blog as soon as it goes live!  I’ll also be back later to share more items that I’ve purchased/plan on purchasing during the sale.
Happy Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale New Items Added Today! + Last Day of Lilly Giveaway!

  1. Love your blog!! Thanks for the shopping tips yesterday. Being 60 years old, I wish Lily would have more dresses that are knee length. I want to be fashionable at my age but dresses much shorter make me look like I want to be 20 again. Are you familiar with the Escapada clothing line? If not check it out. The company will soon have a site online. My daughter in law works for the company and it has been very successful.

    1. Hi Laura, Sorry to jump in but I just have to tell you that I LOVE Escapada and am excited to hear they will have a website soon! I always get them from local boutiques but then have a hard time linking them for my readers. What exciting news!! 🙂

    2. I haven't heard of the line, but the prints are pretty. I do know that Lilly is working on their proportions and dress lengths and hopes to have them fixed by this year's Spring line! Fingers crossed!

    3. Escapada has a Facebook page plus a store in Mt. Pleasant, SC called Escapada Signature Store. It is fabulous and carries other brands as well. Check out their Facebook page. If you see something you like, you can contact them and order directly from the store. Paisley is usually at the store and she is absolutely wonderful. I love their clothes because women of any age can wear the clothes and look wonderful. Natalia the owner has such an eye for fashion and is wonderful to work for. Glad to know you love Escapada like I do. So glad my daughter in law works for them!!

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