Key West Recap: Part 2 + Tassel Coverup is Back in Stock and on Sale! + What I’ve Ordered So Far from the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale!

While we were on our trip last week, I had a few of you mention that you were traveling to Key West in the near future or either considering it, so today I wanted to include our favorite spots while we were there.
The girls’ dresses are Lilly.
I posted our first recap yesterday about where we stayed and more pics, in case you missed it.  Also, keep in mind we traveled as far south as we did for the weather, not for the location as much.  Our goal was more pool/beach time with the kids, rather than exploring the island.  We’ll probably do that more if we visit again, when they’re older.
Lanier’s been to Key West a few times and knew what places to visit and avoid for how young are children were, so that was a huge perk!
Favorite Restaurants

Saluté on the Beach – a very laid back vibe, right on the beach for lunch.  As with every place, I’d highly recommend sitting outside.  We loved our fish sandwiches!  Wearing this dress, also available here and this necklace.

This is also where I found my cocktail I featured on last week’s Thirsty Thursday.
Sloppy Joe’s – one of the most famous restaurants in town, has been in the same spot for 79 years!  We only stopped there for a quick refreshment but didn’t stay for food.  This is also where we ran into Effie’s kindergarten teacher!  Such a small world!  Wheeler had her last year too!  The waitress sat us close to the stage and we watched a guitarist warm up.  We had a kind patron next to us warn us that this band was pretty intense and we’d probably want to clear out before they got started within the hour.  I’m thankful we hadn’t ordered food.  This little spot also stays open until 4am, to give you an idea of how late night goes downtown.
There was a cute Lilly Pulitzer store downtown, but just like when I’m back at home, I wasn’t going to attempt shopping with all the kiddos with us!
Sunset on the Pier – we loved having a nice, relaxing dinner here!  We stayed for at least two hours and the kids loved watching all the boats go by.
We really wanted to stay until sunset, but dark clouds started looming and we didn’t want to be stuck in a rain shower on the pier.  As we were leaving, there was a great band that had just started playing.  As far as food, we loved the fries and fried conch fritters the best!
 The girls also took over my camera and took turns snapping pics.  I must admit, some of them were my favorites from the trip.  Wheeler snapped this one of Effie and Effie snapped this one of Wheeler and Lanier.
While we were snapping away, we were so thankful to one lady who offered to take a pic of all of us…Vaughn and Logan’s red slushy faces and all.  My favorite pic from the trip!
Favorite Playground
After lunch, when we went to Saluté on the Beach, if you walk to the left, there’s a blue playground with a fence around it.  It’s right on the water and the playground has the coolest equipment.  My kids did not want to leave, and could’ve stayed there all afternoon.  There are also picnic tables under awnings in the fenced in area, so if you want to bring a lunch or stay out of the sun, it’s a perfect spot to hang out while the kids play.  This playground is pretty adamant that adults are not allowing to play on the equipment. I have to admit, it was tempting!
On the way back, we stopped at Tarpon’s for lunch in Islamorada.  Make sure you sit outside, out back.  The kids loved the view and you can see huge tarpon swimming in the water.  I loved my seafood soup here, and if you get your children hotdogs, be forewarned, they’re huge!
We saw the southernmost buoy, but it was just so crowded we didn’t attempt a pic.  Plus, there was a long line leading up to it, and we didn’t want to waste the day waiting in line for a pic.
On another visit, we’ll also visit the Ernest Hemingway House, but this time we just felt like the kids were too young and probably wouldn’t remember any of it this time.
Other places I’d highly recommend, if you’re visiting Key West.  These were recs by locals or frequent visitors we met during the week: Caroline’s (a restaurant on Caroline Street downtown), Eco-Discovery Center (it features “over 6,000 square feet of interactive and dynamic exhibits including a mock-up of Aquarius, the world’s only underwater ocean laboratory.” Unfortunately, we got there too late, it closes early at 4pm.  Another place we didn’t get a chance to visit but people raved about was B.O.’s Fish Wagon.
I loved just walking around and spotting all of the cool architecture.  This house with green shutters was one of my faves.
How cute is this little bed and breakfast?
And I loved this pineapple fountain in someone’s yard!
 The roosters!  They were everywhere!
If you’re visiting with children, anyone you met said if you’re heading downtown to be sure and leave by 7 at the latest.  Apparently, this is when the night life starts and it can get a little rowdy.
Last week, I noted that we stopped over in south Georgia to visit Lanier’s grandmother.  She seems to be doing much better than we expected.  Thank you for all of your prayers!

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Our last stretch was a bit challenging with all the kids.  If you can’t tell from their faces, they were spent and we were too.  Luckily, we really didn’t experience that much traffic until the very end of our trip.  Apparently, everyone vacationing in Florida for Spring Break last week all decided to head home at the same time.  It took us two hours to drive 40 miles.  Thankfully after we got through the traffic on 95, we only had about an hour and a half left and it was completely clear.  All in all, it was totally worth it and we’re so glad we decided to take such a fun, spontaneous Spring Break trip!

Just in case you missed yesterday’s second post, check it out here.  I posted my favorites from the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale, including many of my favorite sunglasses – as expected, they’re selling out pretty quickly though.  Almost everything is 25% off with code: INTHEFAM.

My tassel coverup has been restocked in a number of colors, like this coral one, this aqua one and this pink one.  If you’re trying to decide, shop quickly.  I have no doubt they’ll sell out again by the end of the day.
I forgot to mention that our favorite water-resistant speaker and radio is also part of the sale.  We used it just yesterday and even brought it with us last week!
I just ordered this blue dress, these waterproof playing cards and this electric air pump to help inflate our floats easier.  Don’t forget to enter: INTHEFAM at checkout for 25% off!
Happy Tuesday!

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