Wednesday Whereabouts + an OOTN

 After we got back from Key West on Friday evening, I was reluctant to run the Cooper River Bridge 10k Run that I’d signed up for a few months before.  The weather forecasted for rain and storms, and we’d honestly just gotten back from our trip.  But my sister and her husband were in town and were both running it, and I found out later that evening that the weather was supposed to clear up for the race.  So that morning, I woke up and decided to run it.  I didn’t really care about my time, just wanted to complete it.  All in all it was a great race!  Over 40,000 came out to run it.  Still can’t get over that number!
 You may remember this is my sister that ran a marathon earlier this year!  You can see that I wore my Powerbeats Headhphones (currently on sale), but the connection was bad with Pandora and Spotify, so I ended up not using them.  They have different bands that perform along your run, so it was fun listening to them.  Next time I’m planning on making a playlist off iTunes and I think I’ll be all set.  Running with music is one of the main reasons I love running.  Along with the bands, people pass out everything from beer, to doughnuts…to bacon!  Haha!
With being away on vacation and then packing and staying busy the week before that, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve run.  Two weeks at least?  While I survived, it made me realize I needed to get back to running more consistently again.  We had clear weather with even long patches of bright sun on the run, but notice in the pic above, the storm clouds quickly started rolling in once we finished the race.
 On the way back to the start line to get our cars, our bus got a flat tire.  I think it ended up taking an hour for a new bus to come and a policeman, to escort us to the next bus.  Thankfully, I was in good company with my sister and brother-in-law, so the time flew by.  Not going to lie though, it was a little scary being in the rain, stuck on the side of the road.
Wore a pair of my old Nike Free 5.0s for the race.  I didn’t wear my newer pair because I didn’t want them to get waterlogged.
 Finally getting on our new bus!  Hallelujah!
Lanier and I headed out to dinner that night with friends at The Obstinate Daughter.  One of my favorite restaurants, located on Sullivan’s Island.
Wearing this Equipment Top (currently 25% off with code: INTHEFAM; I’m wearing a small).  After dinner, we headed out to watch the Carolina game.  Such a fun night!
 Our pool opened over the weekend, but the weather was too cold and cloudy to get in.  While it wasn’t exactly hot on Monday, the kids were insistent on going to the pool.  75 degrees was nice, but the pool was freezing.  They obviously didn’t seem to mind!

 The girls with one of their buddies.  Wheeler and Effie are wearing this Mara Hoffman Swimsuit, it’s reversible so it’s like getting two suits for the price of one.

 Some of y’all wanted to see what the back of this Mara Hoffman Swim Top looked like.  For fit, I’m a 34B and wearing a medium.  Like the girls swimsuits, mine also reverses to a bright orange, so it’s like getting two suits for the price of one.  Mine is also currently 25% off with code: INTHEFAM.

Wheeler showing off her new ladybug friend she found!
Finally getting some use out of my birthday present Lanier gave me back in December, my Carolina blue golf cart!  Our pool is close, so it’s so much easier jumping in the cart rather than having to load everyone up in the suburban for every pool visit.
Just two more days left of the 25% off Shopbop Friends & Family Sale!  For my favorites, head to this post and check out this post to see some items I already ordered.  I have no doubt I’ll be placing another order before the sale ends tomorrow at midnight!

I’m outfit planning for an upcoming trip this weekend and cannot wait to wear this floral swing dress!  I’m pairing it with this bra since the back is low.  I must admit I was a little wary to try out this kind of bra at first, but it works so well!  It honestly opens up a new world of backless dresses and tops for me!  Both are 25% off, along with my gold sandals with code: INTHEFAM.  Also wearing: Julie Vos Labradorite Ring // Gigi New York Uber Clutch // Kate Spade Blue Glitter Studs (on sale for $26) // Kate Spade Watch
So I’ve had this Clare V Foldover Haircalf Clutch for over three years and still love wearing it out at night.  It’s the most well-made clutch and still looks as good as new.  Lucky for you, you can get it for 25% off right now with code: INTHEFAM.
I’m tempted to get this Clare V one with a hot pink stripe, while it’s on sale.  Such a fun pop of color!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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