How I Do It: Series Round-Up

With the end of the year right around the corner, brings cleaning and organizing.  That goes for Sweet Southern Prep too.  Today, I’ve decided to organize my How I Do It series that ran intermittently on Mondays for the past two years, since December 2012.  I realize that many of these posts may be outdated, as the children have grown older, but they still may apply to other moms/dads that have children their ages from when I wrote the post.  After today, you will find quick references to these posts on my sidebar.  As a necessary little side note, all of these tips are what works for my family and my children.  One thing’s for sure, after going back through these old posts, I need to get back to running and lose some of this extra padding, and my children are growing up way too fast!


Posts are in order from oldest to newest.

How I Do It: The Foundation

How I Do It: Discipline

How I Do It: Motherhood Rocks!

How I Do It: Limitations

How I Do It: Family Involvement & Outings

How I Do It: Sleep (updated ‘Sleep’ post a year later, here)

How I Do It: Cleaning

How I Do It: Positive Reinforcement

How I Do It: Laundry

How I Do It: Record It

How I Do It: Baths & Showers

How I Do It: A Day at the Beach/Pool

How I Do It: Sports & My Weight

How I Do It: Top Baby Essentials + Running Stats

How I Do It: What to Feed a One-Year Old

How I Do It: Potty Training

How I Do It: Tips for Losing the Weight/Maintaining

How I Do It: Bottle Feeding

How I Do It: My Morning Routine

How I Do It: Having a Baby Hospital Checklist

How I Do It: Simple Kids’ Meal Ideas

How I Do It: Packing List for Disney

How I Do It: Disney Itinerary

How I Do It: Rainy Day Kids’ Activities

How I Do It: TV

How I Do It: No-Bake Energy Bites

How I Do It: Summer Activities with Little Ones

How I Do It: Shopping with the Girls

How I Do It: Commitment & Staying Connected

How I Do It: Bringing Home Baby #2

How I Do It: Our Summer Day & Thoughts On Life

How I Do It: Okay I Can’t, I Can’t Do It

How I Do It: Chores at an Early Age

Lots of posts, right?
I hope consolidating all of my favorites into one post was helpful!

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I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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