How I Do It: Chores at an Early Age

 What a nice weekend we had here!  The weather stayed in the low 70s, so we spent most of our time outside.  Lots of meals alfresco, which I always love.  Last night, we attended our friends’ daughter’s birthday party at a little gym near here.  I think the kids slept pretty hard last night.  And I had no idea Logan was so into gymnastics.  Just watching his little body hang on the bar like that – I was so impressed!


Effie brought her class pet Rib-Rib (a stuffed frog) home.  For some reason she was really into changing its diaper.  I will say, she sure has the skill down pat.  But I still don’t think I could let her try to change the real thing – although I know she’d love to.  Always the helper!

How I Do It: Chores at an Early Age
I know I always include this in my How I Do It posts, but just because I write these posts with helpful strategies, my children are not perfect.  Just because I try and use these tactics in my daily life, some days are better than others.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that school has started, but the kids have been much more willing to help.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s because they’ve learned it at school, and then now know to do the same once they’re at home.  In the summer I’m guessing they’ve forgotten how to do this as well, and just need more reinforcements?  We’ll just say that’s a good assumption.  Ha.
Seriously though, it’s been so nice for me to ask them to do something, and they just do it…no complaining or whining about it.  I’m probably jinxing myself by writing that.  The main thing I’ve learned at all their ages right now, is to simplify tasks.  Never make them more than two steps.  And always remember to praise their ability to first listen to a direction and then to follow through with it, without complaining.  Here are a few chores I give each child.  Obviously, Logan and Vaughn don’t completely understand what a “chore” is, but they know that when I ask them to help me, they try.
Chores for Logan and Vaughn
Put toys in the basket.
Put napkins on the table at meals.
Put shoes away in front closet when you come in the house.
Put dirty clothes in laundry basket (just Logan on this one).
Put books on bookshelf.
Chores for Wheeler and Effie
Make beds (do not encourage perfection on this one).
Put silverware in appropriate drawers.
Put shoes away in front closet when you come in the house.
Put toys away in appropriate baskets (they’re labeled).
Put dirty clothes in laundry basket.
Put books on bookshelf.
Put cups and silverware on table at meals.
I know these chores sound super simple, but they love having them.  It gives them a sense of responsibility, and they know it pleases me when they’re accomplished.  They also see how much better our house looks when everything is clean and put away.  It’s also my responsibility to enforce these chores.  I have to remind myself and Lanier to clean up after ourselves too, so that we’re good examples for them.  I just look at Vaughn.  He’s always been so happy to help clean up.  I feel like the others haven’t always been as willing as him, but I think it’s because he has good examples to teach him.  That not only goes for chores, but in everyday life, as well.  The door always swings both ways though.  He definitely picks up on some bad habits he’s learned from them too.  C’est la vie!
Running Stats for the Week
Really aiming to run faster, while keep the distance the same.
**I use the Endomondo Running App**
I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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    Also, side note, did you know there is a whole hashtag devoted to this thing? #zarablanketscarf.

    1. There isn't a Zara here, unfortunately. I ordered this one, with help from my friend, Dominique. I actually had never ordered from Zara before, but the shipping was quick and the price on the scarf was pretty hard to beat! I ordered it like three weeks ago. Can't believe how quickly it sold out, but then again if you say there's a whole hashtag devoted to it, then they must be pretty popular scarves!

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