Tuesday Trends: Alexis Bittar Love

Not only does jewelry designer Alexis Bittar make the prettiest, sought-after jewelry, he has the coolest rags to riches story.  He started out in a small apartment, thought maybe he could create jewelry from Lucite, and started making small Lucite earrings and selling them for $20 on the streets in Soho.  Then apparently, he got in a lot of trouble because he used Burberry’s signature plaid on some Lucite bangles he was carrying (he didn’t know he was infringing), and Burberry gave him a cease and desist order.  Well, he obeyed the order.  But then Burberry came back and asked him if he’d create the bangles for their collection.  His popularity grew from there.

What I think is so cool is that he reaches a wide variety of customers by creating pieces that are beautiful, yet affordable, and also creating pieces for higher profile clients – many of them being celebrities – that are at a much higher price point.  I’m sure you’ve noticed some of his pieces on the covers of magazines.  Nordstrom has provided a cool video on their site to let you see more into Alexis Bittar and his fabulous jewelry.  Click here to check out a quick three-minute piece that showcases “the process behind his stunning limited-edition archive pieces and latest fall collections.”  
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Aren’t his pieces stunning?  And they’re so popular that the two pieces featured on the right have already sold out.
Alexis Bittar’s latest creations in his fall collection are certainly conversation pieces, and are just as much art as they are fashion.  While I would be more than thrilled to pair one of his limited edition pieces for a formal event, like this one, I decided to choose a few items that are just as stunning, but can be worn on an everyday basis.  As always, Nordstrom carries the perfect variety of Alexis Bittar’s pieces, hitting both high and lower price points.  Next on my list, is this one.
Vaughn wanted to make an appearance.
I ordered the Pave Bangle on the far left a few weeks ago from Nordstrom, and it has recently sold out.  But here’s a very similar one that I love just as much.
This Stack Ring is by far my favorite piece.  It’s almost as if it was made for me – my initials are engraved inside – okay it’s for Alexis Bittar – but still pretty cool!
Love the subtle pave crystals on this New Wave Bangle.
If you’ve been wanting to try out a piece of Alexis Bittar jewelry, here’s a little incentive.  Choose from one of his three signature Lucite bangles, with your order of $250 or more.

I hope y’all have an awesome Tuesday!  After a dreary, rainy day yesterday, we’re glad to have some sunshine today!

A big thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!