Fashion Friday: Tory Burch Private Sale Favorites

Happy Friday!  This weekend’s weather is supposed to be beautiful!  75 tomorrow and low 40s expected next week.  Needless to say, I’ll be taking advantage of it while it’s here.  Follow me on Instagram @sweetsouthernprep, for all of my latest weekend happenings.
Without further ado, here are my favorites Tory pieces, currently on sale.  At these prices they won’t last long!  A great time to buy some classics, plus your closet will be happily stocked with fun pieces for Spring and Summer!
I own these and love them.  Enjoyed wearing them throughout the holiday season.
Adore these heels, especially when seeing them on the model above.
Such a pretty neutral, that would go with so much.
The bows are so pretty on these.

I love my Emmys.  I have two pairs and enjoy wearing them in warm weather.
Can’t beat the price on these!
My friend has this tote, and has worn it for over three years, and it still looks brand new!

I carried this wallet for three years straight, until a month ago when I got the one featured below (that’s on sale now too).  Cannot believe it’s only $99 now!

This is even better in person.  Absolutely LOVE mine!

Available in multiple colors.
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  In case you missed it, I posted a yummy cocktail and breakfast casserole recipe yesterday.  Click here to check it out.

So excited!  The Heels play tonight!


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Tory Burch Private Sale Favorites

  1. Happy Tory shopping. I was so excited when I received the "up to 70% off" Tory Burch sale email yesterday morning. I quickly click you see if there was anything I could use. A pair of Lemon yellow snakeskin Eddie flats caught my eye. And there were two pairs in my size. I thought about it for an hour, then decided to get them. By the time checked again an hour later my size was no longer available. A valuable Tory lesson learned. I hope you had good luck shopping.

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