How I Do It: TV + New Photos of Our Family

Basically, to put it bluntly, my kids watch way too much television.  Today is the first day we’ve gone without it, for the entire day so far.  Baby steps.  I’m hoping to keep it up, and only let them watch it on special occasions and/or sick days.  There’s far too many things here to entertain and educate them, rather than the TV.  May need to go back and use this post as a resource.  What do y’all think?  If you have children, do you let them watch TV?  Do you think it’s okay, or would you prefer to cut-back?
 W – 5 1/2
 E – 4
 L – 2 1/2
V – 17 Months
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On Friday, the girls didn’t have school, so we went to visit my grandfather.  It was so nice to visit outside and soak in some sun.  And as always, he made us plenty of cheese straws!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

12 thoughts on “How I Do It: TV + New Photos of Our Family

  1. Your children are so beautiful! Love those photos!!
    Almost a year ago we made the change in our tv routine (and we count tablets/phones/computers in that as well) – my boys watch an average of an hour a week now. The thing is (which may be different for you) is that they are old enough to play with each other and without my constant supervision. We are having another little one in a couple months and I am worried that the tv may come into play more for her as I try to do something and keep her safe (what kid can resist staring at the tv). If you find a great solution for little ones please share. What I do love is that now TV or tablets is a huge treat so if we have to wait on the car for an oil change – I'm set. Or if I have a dr appt and forget toys, they make up silly games with what is there. For us it's been a win/win but my story may change once we have another ;).

  2. This is a constant battle in our house as well. My son (3) is allowed to watch tv in the mornings, as my husband and I are getting ready for work. Other than that, I am very diligent about enforcing no tv during the day (unless of course, he is sick on the couch-bed), but then as he is winding down at night, we let him play on the IPad for a while while he drinks his milk (and we watch the news). As bad as it is, I do think it helps him wind down- and of course, we still read books to him and such before bed…but I worry too that there is too much tv in our house! It is crazy to me how much he remembers of what he sees on tv!

  3. I'm really torn about this. As I type this comment, I'm on the verge of tears from an exhausting day with my kids. I honestly don't know if I could get through this stage without at least some tv (pathetic as that sounds). I feel like in theory my kids are old enough to entertain themselves, but often they simply won't and it's frustrating as hell to try to cook with them hanging on my legs and whining for me to play with them. I don't know what to do really. I am 6 months pregnant with an almost 4 year old and a 20 month old. I sure hope they can start to play together a bit by the time this next baby comes or the tv situation will definitely not improve!!

  4. When I was growing up, we rarely watched TV and we didn't have cable. On Tuesday nights my mom let me sister and me watch "The Little Girl Show" aka Full House, but that was it. I think this made it a special treat!

    I'm not a parent, but I know when I babysit it is a LOT easier to get dinner made or the kitchen cleaned when the kids can watch a 1/2 hour of TV!

    Pretty pictures! And how fun to watch the game outside on the porch. I love when the weather is nice.

  5. I am really struggling with the TV thing- I have a 25 month old and a newborn. It's so easy to give in and let her watch some Sprout or Disney Junior while I am nursing, getting the baby down, or trying to prep dinner. I want to break the habit- maybe just allow a Friday night movie. How did you explain the new no-tv policy to your kiddos?

  6. Ohhhh those beautiful babies!!! Tv is hard… Especially when moms are tired… I struggle more with the iPad with my 4.5 year old… We did just pull out our 2006 Wii and I bought just dance 2 for the girls during this heinous, cold, snowy winter we've had! They have had a blast! But I prefer the outdoors to wear them out… Finding balance is so hard with 2 babies… I can't fathom trying with 4! You're a blessed Mama!!

  7. I feel like we go in spurts with too much tv…when it's cold, rainy, etc. and we can't get outside, we tend to resort to tv a ton! But once the nicer weather arrives, we play outside in the backyard and are at the park a lot more. Also depends on whether or not my baby is napping and my preschooler needs to be entertained during the morning nap time! I honestly feel like the shows we watch have taught him so much-ABC, vocabulary, etc. that it's not hurting him at all. And we get plenty of Lego and Thomas time in 🙂 I'm interested to follow your less tv journey!!

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