Weekend Inspiration: 1 Chronicles 16:8

Here are some photos of the festivities from last night…more to come next week!

The best of “us” that we could get!

The girls were up past their bedtime, can you tell?

The six of us – LOVED having all of my sisters in town to help me celebrate!!
(From Left to Right, #3, #6, #2, #1, #4, #5)

While we were taking photos, W decided to get started on the cake!

My mom told us to take a funny pic, and then said, “Ashley, you ruined it!”
I think it’s pretty funny!

As I turn thirty today, I’m to remember the real reason I am on this earth; to praise the Lord and spread His Word and His love to others.  For witnessing to even one, can begin years and years of spreading the Good Word to the world.

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”
1 Chronicles 16:8
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23 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration: 1 Chronicles 16:8

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. How special you could spend it with your entire family.

    I love the image of "W" with her hands in the cake. I noticed it before I read the caption. LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday December babies are the best, but I am a little partial 🙂 I live that you have 5 sisters, how fun is that!!!

    PS I just love your blog Missy!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! December babies ARE the best 😉 So neat all your sisters were there to celebrate with you!! (six girls, bless your parents heart!!). Have a great week!

  4. Happy Birthday Ashley! That photo of W cracks me up 🙂 So cute of her getting into the cake. Beautiful photo of your family and with your sisters. Glad you had a great birthday! Merry Christmas to your family too!

  5. Happy Birthday Girl! I can't believe you have 6 sisters! How lucky, I love having a sister! I didn't know how to respond to you on my blog but I have the medium size Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It is pretty big. I got it before I had Sterling so now that I have a baby I might would do the larger one. But the large one is literally the size of a tote it is big. So I say if you want it just for a purse def do the meduim, if you are going to do it as a diaper bag too get the large! I am saving now to buy the white and gray checkered one:)

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