Fashion Friday: Easter Jewelry

Instead of candy, wouldn’t a little jewelry brighten your Easter just a bit more?  Don’t worry, I’ll be posting the true “reason for the season” tomorrow, for my ‘Weekend Inspiration.’
Can you tell I’m REALLY loving all the new Kate Spade jewelry?
So Classic.

Oh, and FYI, I finally decided on my nude heel for the season.  I saw these in Life and Style magazine and couldn’t resist, and at such a great price point, I knew they had to be mine.  I’ll be wearing these pretties with my Easter dress on Sunday.  I also wore them to the Maundy Thursday service last night, definitely high, but comfortable.

Nine West ‘Bonfire’ Peep Toes in Natural Leather

What’s everyone’s plans this weekend?
Some of my sisters are coming in town, and we’re cooking out at my parents’ house on Friday night, in part, to celebrate one of my sisters’ 22nd birthday.  Saturday morning, we’re headed to an Easter Egg Hunt.  Saturday evening, an Oyster Roast with friends, and Sunday, we have church, and then lunch at the in-laws, with my family invited as well.  I’m really hoping to see some friends coming in town for the holiday weekend too!
Photos to come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Easter Jewelry

  1. LOVE those shoes! Sounds like a fun weekend! I will be INSIDE working 8-4:30 tomorrow. And you know the rest. I'm really looking forward to the sunrise service on Chimney Rock though!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm always in bright colors as is my mom so I guess people just assume that's what we're in. I'm in Lilly again today – itsy bit toned down but still bright. The only time I don't wear bright colors is for a funeral other than that I'm always in color! Happy Easter!

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