Back to School + Getting Sentimental

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Well, the kiddos went back to school yesterday!  I knew they’d be alright.  They’ve honestly been excited for school to start back as soon as they got out for the summer.  If that doesn’t say enough about the school they’re attending, I don’t know what does!

Wish I could’ve captured Wheeler’s excitement on Sunday night when she was going to bed.  I swear she has the same emotions on Christmas Eve.  Looking back, I should have recorded it.  For those years on down the line, when she’s not as excited, I’d have proof that she used to love the first day.  Her love of school and learning is admirable!  I wish I’d been as excited about it as she has, when I was growing up.  My hope and prayer for her is that it continues this year too.  I know there will be years when she’ll probably have to deal with bullies, thankfully only a little so far, but she has the kindest, sweetest soul and I hate when I see her heart hurting, for any reason at all.  She may seem quiet to some, but that’s how her little personality has always been since she was a baby.  Quiet and reserved at first, taking it all in, but as soon as she warms up to you, she’ll be talking your ear off in no time.  I know there will be a time when she’d rather do activities and have hang-outs with her friends, but for now, she still wants to spend most of her time with us, her family.  Love that she still thinks I’m “cool” in her world and wants to spend time with me.

On Effie, she is the most helpful human being.  I don’t know where she gets it from, but I don’t care what you’re doing, she’s going to ask you if you need help.  Even when she’s enjoying her favorite activity, whatever it is at the time, she’ll drop everything if you need her to help you.  I try not to take advantage of her eagerness to help too often, but I will say when I’m in a bind and trying to do too many things at once, I always know who to ask.  Love that about her, among so many other things.  Friends her age and younger children have always gravitated towards her.  She has this sense of comfort there and the undivided attention she gives them, I’m talking even toddlers, warms my heart so much.  And she does it so naturally, without hesitation.  She’s both perceptive and intuitive, always paying attention to her surroundings.  I pray she continues to know her foundation as she gets older and makes the right decisions.

My sweet, happy Logan.  Talk about loving school.  He practically jumped into the classroom to say hey to all of his friends yesterday.  His teacher from last year will tell you that every single day he’d walk into their classroom and greet them with the biggest smile saying, “Good Morning, Mrs. <Teacher>” “Good Morning, Mrs. <Assistant Teacher>!  They said it didn’t matter the day or what mood they were in, that that greeting always made their morning.  I didn’t even know he did it until maybe two months after school started last year.  I hope he keeps it up this year!  As a former first grade teacher, I would’ve loved for one of my students to do that too.  For as much as Logan loves playing with his friends and will be 7 in September, he’ll still take a small car, dinosaur, LEGO character, you name it, and play by himself for the longest time.  His imagination is like no other.  He’s very detail-oriented and can create the coolest LEGO ships, buildings, etc.  While he always tells everyone he wants to be a Professional LEGO Builder when he grows up, I can definitely see him as an engineer.

He’s also never met a stranger.  Since he’s always had to sit near the window because of a weak stomach, it’s been the best thing.  I don’t care where we are, even the drive-thru window, he’ll ask to roll his window down too, so he can say hey and talk to them…ask them their name and introduce himself.  Then of course the others will want to chime in with their names, ages, favorite colors…I swear they think they’re the modern day Von Trapp Family, but I love it!  And yes, The Sound of Music is one of their favorite movies.  Needless to say, whatever hurry I may have been in, for “fast” food, quickly reminds me to slow down when I’m with them.  Why rush through life, right?

Vaughn.  My Baby.  Still cannot believe he’s in Kindergarten this year!  I still see him with his little diaper, sucking his thumb, holding his lovie that he calls “Puppy Dog.”  True story.  It was actually Logan’s, has Logan’s name on it and everything, but Logan gave it to Vaughn when he was a baby and Vaughn has never given it up since.  Logan’s never asked for it back either which I think is even sweeter.  I kept thinking when Logan was finally old enough to recognize his own name, that he’d ask for it back.  While Wheeler and Vaughn both have one special “friend” that they’ve always slept with, Effie and Logan have a plethora of “friends” they switch out each night.  And at 10, Wheeler STILL sleeps with her stuffed animal friend “Baba.”

I get asked a lot if Vaughn is as sweet in person as he appears in photos.  And the answer is yes.  He has the calmest demeanor <MOST> of the time, but he can also get wound up and loves to make people laugh.  Actually, he loves when you make him laugh too – whether it’s trying to chase him or tickle him.  He’s a little jokester at times, and we’ve always said he reminds us of my dad.  Not sure if that’s a good thing.  Haha.  He still lets me snuggle and cuddle him whenever I want, and I hope that never changes.  He’ll always be my baby.

If your child is just starting school, you MUST do this for them, if possible!  I’ve been doing it since mine were in preschool and haven’t missed a year…yet!  At the end of each school year, have your child’s teacher secretly write a note to your child in Oh, The Places You’ll Go or whatever book you find special.  Make sure they don’t sign it in front of your children, as this will be your gift to them at graduation!  Makes me well up just thinking about the notes my children’s teachers have already written!

On a random note, this just came up in my inbox, but if you’re a fan of Johnnie-O polo shirts for your boys, consider ordering their Mystery Box.  They’re cleaning out their inventory and offering  boxes where you’ll receive four items from past seasons all for only $99!  It could be anything from polos, to pullovers, vests to tees.  You never know what you’ll get!  If you’re wondering what size to order, I’d suggest going a size up.  It’ll give you room in case it shrinks and more time for them to wear it, before they grow out of it.

How cute is this little wrap skirt?  For fit, it runs a little big, but you can cinch in the waist to how you like it.  Paired it with my go-tee tee that I’ve had for years and goes with everything!  And it’s only $19.50 and comes in lots of different colors.  How cute are these sandals too?  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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