Wednesday Whereabouts (on a Friday) + Outfits Lately

Starting Friday’s post off right!  How delicious do these oysters look?  Caycee, Natalie and I headed out to NICO last week and got there right before happy hour ended.  Their Happy Hour special on food is awesome!  Just preparing you, sharing LOTS of pics with you today!

Wore this dress with these sandals and these earrings.

These star sandals fit true to size.

Took the kids to see Christopher Robin last week.  Knew it would be so good.  I’ve always loved Ewan McGregor.  Logan didn’t like one part <not a spoiler> but at one point, Christopher Robin thought he was being chased by a Heffalump, but in fact there was nothing there.  He didn’t like the suspense.  It is a little slow in some parts, but as the characters were introduced, they loved it!

Obsessed with his set!

On Friday night, we headed out to see Hootie & the Blowfish.  And even better that The Blue Dogs started for them!  Such an awesome show.  One of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long time!  Wore this maxi dress.  Lanier’s wearing this shirt.

On Saturday and Sunday, we headed out on the boat.  Wore this awesome cover-up that I mentioned earlier this week.  It’s amazing how quickly it dries even when putting it on after swimming.  Wore it both days, but in this pic I’m wearing it over this bathing suit.

My Effie girl!  Wearing these sunnies!

We keep our boat at a mini storage near our house.  Sadly, last week our Garmin was stolen and our boat was vandalized.  Apparently, they stole around $100k off of boats there.  The black spots around the now empty square is from when the police fingerprinted our boat.  Hoping they catch them, but so far, no luck.

Loving the Tarheel colors of my newest YETI tumbler.  Go Heels!

We’re trying to be more creative when it comes to making meals on the beach.  On Saturday, Lanier whipped up some burgers on a little grill he scored at our local Harris Teeter for only $8, regularly $40!  Wearing this hat.

Cupcakes…just because!

Why does she look so old here?!  She was headed to a sleepover on Sunday night and thought she was the coolest thing!  Wearing this cute suit.  Currently 30% off and ships for free with code: PREP.

I paired this bikini top with these bottoms.  Wearing these sunnies (and they’re on sale!).

How cute are these tees my friend Sam made?  The material is super soft too!  Get your own here.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend.  So lucky to live here!

Effie and I matching in our stripes!  I’m wearing this dress and she’s wearing this one.  Paired mine with these earrings.

Still soaking in as much summer fun as we can before school starts back on Monday!  Yesterday, we headed to the Yorktown and had a blast, as usual!  I’ll share pics from our visit soon!  Was excited to get it in some tennis earlier this week, while the kids played at the park with friends.  Scored this pretty purple water bottle here, love that it has a little bit of sparkle too.

Mex-1 – our happy place!  She stole my hat.

My fave meal here – the Bangin’ Shrimp Bowl.

Ice Cream for dessert!

Cuties!  Effie’s Suit (currently 30% off and ships for free with code: PREP) // Wheeler’s Suit

Back to School Pool Party with friends!  Wearing this bikini top and these bottoms.

I’ve had lots of you ask where I got this daily calendar.  It’s from here and only $10, ships for free too!

Wore this comfy look yesterday!  This top is super soft and currently only $17 with code: SUMMER4EVER.  And these scalloped shorts are on sale too!  Wore them with these flip flops and this crossbody.

I’ve had a lot of of you reach out about the Lilly Sale.  I’ll try and share details on tomorrow’s post, if I can get it all together.  Sounds like the story of my life.  Haha.  But if it’s not up tomorrow, look for it early next week!  I will tell you it will NOT start next week.  Look for the sale in early September.