2 Days, 2 OOTDs

I had another post prepped for today, but I’ll postpone it until next week.  I wanted to share info on these two recent outfits instead, as many of you have asked where some of it is from, based on my most recent IG pics.  Here you go…
**Click on items in images or links below to shop.**

CSBLA Striped Dress (The comfiest, great length, most forgiving dress I own! Wish it came in more colors!) // Theodosia Pink Tusk Necklace // Kendra Scott Friendship Bracelet // Tory Burch Sunglasses
Hope y’all have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “2 Days, 2 OOTDs

  1. Question…I tried on the Tori Burch Miller sandal this weekend…I LOVE the patent nude b/c I think it goes with so many outfits, but the patent didn't seem as comfortable as the leather, which I think the gold is that you have…but many reviews say the leather stretches out over time making the sandal hard to keep you your feet…are your gold ones leather? Have you found them to stretch?

    1. Yes, my gold ones are leather, not patent. In my opinion, I think the leather ones are more comfortable than the patent ones. They do stretch, but not enough that they don't stay on my feet. I wore them all over Disney World last February and they still fit well even now – over a year later. Good luck deciding! Oh yeah, and one pair I'll tell you not to get are the Millers with the hardware on the top…those are not comfortable at all.

  2. Do you know if other people have issues viewing your posts via bloglovin? I'm able to view everyone else's blogs, but your pics either never come through, show html code or a random repetitive pic. I have to click through to your site to view.. Just curious if you've heard this from anyone else 🙂

    1. In order for my pics to show up clearer and not blurry via iPhone access and also have items in images to be clickable (where you can shop them from the actual image) is probably why the correct transfer to bloglovin' isn't working. I'm still having tech people working on it, so hopefully soon, you'll be able to see it via bloglovin' and not have to click through to my site. My apologies for that! But thanks so much for reading!!

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