Tuesday Trends: Gifts with a Twist

I hope y’all survived Cyber Monday! I was honestly still placing an order at 11:30 last night!  Now I know I featured The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids’ Toys a few weeks ago, but did you know Nordstrom carries a similar section for adults too?  It’s called Wit & Wonder.  With over 700 fun products, it’ll make getting an original gift for a friend or family member super easy!
“Your one-stop shop for gifts with a twist.”
Aren’t there so many fun toys/gifts??  I’m lucky enough to be able to see all of these products up close and personal at our local Nordstrom, but sometimes I think it’s almost easier to shop online.  It’s more organized and I feel like with all of these products that are displayed so well, it’s hard to see it all.  I guess the benefit is being able to see the actual product, but I think Nordstrom does a great job of showing exactly what it looks like online too.  Plus, there’s also the part where I can shop from the comfort of my own home, and without one of my kids begging for a balloon or whatever else they want.
In the photos above, I’m sure you noticed the “Etsy” sign.  Nordstrom is partnering with Etsy, to “bring you a unique collection of handmade and vintage goods from emerging artists and designers.”  Check out the whole Etsy section here.
 I think our Boston Terrier Boozer is going to love these little magnets.  And if you know my dog, every single one of these statements is so true!  Unfortunately, the Boston magnets have sold out, but still available are the Golden Retriever, Corgi and Labrador.  There is a “Snorter” Boston print still available.  // Paper Straws // Music Boxes
I was going to use these music boxes as stocking stuffers for the kids, but couldn’t resist letting them listen to them now.  They’re so simple, but the kids love them!  I sing a few songs to the girls at bedtime each night and “Over the Rainbow” is one of them.  I surprised the girls and showed them this music box the other night.  Of course after they heard it they asked “What other songs does it play?”  Nordstrom also carries a “Happy Birthday” one.  Only $9 and free shipping!

Here are a few more of my favorite Wit & Wisdom products…
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I swear every time I go back to the Kids’ Toy Section they’ve updated it with more fun stuff…
My mom used to collect Madame Alexander Dolls for us when my sisters and I were younger.  How sweet are these?  If you want Elsa and Anna, order them now, to get them by Christmas.  They’re on backorder with an approximate ship date of December 19th.  Speaking of Frozen, Nordstrom now has over 60 Disney Frozen products!  Check it all out here.
My girls would be all over these tutus!
Logan’s never watched an episode of this show in his life, but he still loves the characters.
Happy Tuesday!
Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I was just at Nordstrom at South Park on Saturday. I saw PART of this display you've shared here. Clearly, I missed a LOT. Might just be a reason to head on back over. =)

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