Wednesday Whereabouts: Thanksgiving Weekend

On Wednesday morning, we headed out for a playdate.  It was so nice to have some down time before the craziness of the holiday weekend started.
On Wednesday night, my little nephew came over to visit.  As always, the kids welcomed him in with open arms.  Here they were teaching him how to use an iPad. // Wheeler’s dress is Old Navy from a few years ago, but I’m loving this red sweater dress for the holidays, on sale too.  Her leggings are J.Crew Factory for $12. Not many sizes left, but click here to check out more leggings on sale. // Disney Frozen Sheet Set (on sale and only 5 left in stock) // Lulu & Georgia Rug
On Thanksgiving morning, we attempted a Christmas card photo.  Didn’t go so well.
Tory Burch Cora Dress (on sale) // Claremont Boots (sold out, but I love these too, on sale) // Kate Spade Scarf (sold out, but I love this similar pink one, and it’s only $29) // Michael Kors Layton Watch
Watching their Poppy (my father-in-law) cut the turkey.
My nephew found some of the girls’ boots he liked.
Entertaining everyone on my inlaws’ “stage.”
Their great-grandmother gave them all matching pajamas!  Another attempt at a Christmas Card photo.  // Sara’s Prints Snowman PJs Boys // Girls’ Nightgowns
 On Saturday, we headed down to my aunt and uncle’s house for their traditional Thanksgiving Pig-Pickin’.  I have no idea how long this has been running, but I know it’s been going a long time. // Logan’s Coat and Sweatpants
With three of my sisters.  We hated that the other two couldn’t make it!
Vest // Top (on sale) // Jeans
 The boys were in their element.  Running free and playing with all of the cars and playhouses.
 Hayrides too! // Sunglasses
Of all of my seventeen first cousins on my dad’s side, I’m the closest with my cousin Kristin.  We’re only three months apart.  Would you believe she just had her third baby three months ago?! // Field Jacket
The friends and family were able to make this Thanksgiving!  Thanks Anna, for organizing this shot!
All in all, it was a pretty fun Thanksgiving holiday!
We came home that night to find that our garage that we converted into a room was finished!  So pleased with the results!
We bought a huge pumpkin pie on Sunday and I’m not kidding, there are only two pieces left.  I seriously think the kids would eat it for every meal if I let them!
 Yesterday, Effie had her five-year-old check-up.  She’s in the 90th percentile for height.  So tall!
After dropping her back off at school, I took the boys to get haircuts and then we visited the animals at PetSmart.  One of their favorite things to do.
We brought back a new doggie bed for Boozer.  I think he approves.
The joys of Christmas!  Decorating Christmas Trees and sipping hot chocolate – with tons of marshmallows!
How cute is Beverly the Elf?  These photos are from Barrington Gifts‘ Instagram.  Love the little miniature toys in her shopping cart and her mini Axis Tote.
Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. What a small world! While reading your blog I asked my husband if your cousin, Kristin looked like Mike Godwins daughter? He said that's her. His uncle is good friends with the family and lives in Cheraw. In fact, we drove down there for Thanksgiving and Maryanne, Mike and Ben came over for lunch! His aunt and cousins were in the group photo at the pig picking! So funny. Love your blog! Tricia

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