Weekend Recap

I hope y’all had a great weekend!  We got back from Atlanta last night – after stopping in Norcross yesterday morning (for breakfast with the hubs’ aunt and family), in Spartanburg (for lunch with my grandparents) and we were at the in-laws for dinner.  Whew!  We were definitely glad to get back home.  I got lazy on the job, and didn’t take very many pics of the trip, but here are some of the girls and their relative (can’t exactly figure out how they’re related, but they are).  It’s the hubs’ first cousin’s daughter.  Feel free to figure out how the girls are related to her.  🙂  Isn’t she precious though?  I was about to change the girls from their pjs into their swimsuits, for the pool on Saturday.  The mother is expecting her second child in three weeks, so for W’s bed at their house, we pulled the crib mattress off into the floor.  She loved it!

On another note, W started swim lessons today.  She was so brave, and accomplished everything the instructor asked her to do, aside from not jumping to her, off the wall.  The lessons go on for two more weeks, and my one hope is that she becomes more confident going under the water.

Happy Monday, Y’all!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. How wonderful! I love all these pics of the girls:) It's amazing how the smiles of such cute little girls can make me smile!

  2. Yay swimmy lessons! I instruct 3 year olds and they're such a joy to teach. I just wanna take em all home with me.hehe. Hope they go well for you!! 🙂

  3. i'm going to go with third cousins…your husband and the mom are first cousins, which would make the mom second cousins to your girls, which would make her kids third cousins to your girls (i think) haha 🙂 cute pics!

  4. I think it is second cousins.
    Sounds like a fun weekend.
    I know you will love the current book you are reading.

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