Tuesday Trends: Friendship Bracelets

After reading Sheridan French‘s post the other day, I cannot help but want one of these Noir bracelets.  It’s just deciding what color.  I’m leaning toward this one…

A throw-back to the old-school friendship bracelets, just a bit dressier.

And wouldn’t it be fun to pair it with this…

Hope y’all are having a great week!  The weather has been brutally HOT, today it got over 100 here!  Thankfully, we’ve got the pool to cool us off this week, otherwise I have no idea what we’d do!
P.S. Have you seen these?
I think I may have to try the margarita one.  The girls and I are loving the raspberry lemonade flavor, but Mama may need to get one of these flavors while sitting poolside.  Since our pool doesn’t allow alcohol, maybe I can get as close as I can with a nice mocktail mix-in (AND only five calories).

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Friendship Bracelets

  1. I have not seen the Crystal Light mocktails, but they look like something I must try very soon!

  2. Let me know how they are, I saw them at Giant Eagle and almost picked one up! And I'm drinking theraspberry lemonade one right now!

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