Weekend Inspiration: Bible Games for Travel

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These games could be fun to play.

I know many of you will be on the road this summer, traveling to your summer destinations.  I thought I’d give you, those with children or without, some fun games to play in the car.  Some of these games may seem challenging, but the more you grow closer to the Bible, the easier, and more fun, they will become.  Studying the Bible to grow closer to the Lord, AND beating my husband at a game?  Sounds fun to me!  Yes, I’m just a bit competitive.  I found these game ideas here.  There are some great articles for Christian parenting, as well.

  1. Color Car. Spot a car on the road…what color is it? Think of something from the Bible that has to do with that color. For instance, a green car can represent the “green” pastures in Psalm 23. You may have to get creative. Like, was Daniel “blue” when he was taken to Babylon?
  2. Bible Name License. Look at license plates that pass you on the road. Usually you will see three letters on a license plate. For example, BAZ might stand for Barnabus, Abraham, and Zechariah. What can you come up with?
  3. The missing word. You will need your Bible for this game. Read a verse that is about 10 to 15 words in length, but leave one word out. See if someone else can guess the missing word. Allow clues, if you like. For younger children, you can do smaller verses.
  4. Books of the Bible Silly Sentences. Take the beginning letters of some of the books of the Bible and make silly sentences. For instance, Genesis, Matthew, Luke, and Revelation could be, “Groovy mice like rice.”
  5. Sing the Pslam. For the musically inclined, try singing some of the psalms. Since we do not actually know how the Israelites sang them, you will need to be creative!
  6. I Spy. One player may see something and say “I spy with my little eye something God made, and it’s green.” Other players try to guess what it is. Keep giving clues until someone guesses it right, and then it is their turn.
  7. 20 Questions. Think of a Bible character or place. Let players have 20 cumulative questions to try and guess who or where you are. The questions must only answer “yes” or “no.” Whoever guess it correct first, gets to think of the next character or place.
  8. Bible Add-On. You are to build a sentence about a Bible character. Player 1 starts with a Bible character’s name, for example, “Ruth.” Player 2 adds a word, i.e., “Ruth lived.” Player 3 adds a new word, i.e., “Ruth lived in,” and so on. Keep going until someone forgets a word in the sentence. Then, you can start over with a new Bible character.
  9. Acting the Part. A person chooses a Bible character and the other player has to guess who it is by things the character would say. For example, “It looks pretty far down from up here. I sure hope I don’t fall. Oh, here comes Jesus. Why would he want to pay attention to a tax collector like me?” (Zaccheus).
  10. Top Ten Categories. Come up with the “Top Ten” list of different Bible people, places, or events in different categories. Categories could be: Ten most interesting books of the Bible, ten wisest people in the Bible, ten best places to visit in the Bible, etc.
Happy travels and prayers for a safe weekend!
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  1. Such great ideas! You are so creative! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    And, my dad hates that the country club carries Lilly (and looks more like a boutique) because I spend way too much money in there. Oh well! My mom and I love it!

  2. Haha! Your comparison is so darn cute. Looks like I have a lot to look forward to when I get to having kids 😉

    Hope you had a Lovely weekend!


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