Wednesday Whereabouts

A sweet little bow added to our wreath!
Taco Boy lunch date – Logan’s favorite!
 I finally tried out Leon’s Oyster Shop last week!  Amazing oysters, but oh, those hush puppies!  My cocktail was called the Daytripper – an essence of lavender.
 Our weekly visit to the aquarium.  Saying hey to Mr. Froggy!
 As I mentioned on last Saturday’s post, the girls and I went to The Nutcracker on Thursday night.
 The girls have been going for a few years now, and they still continue to love this tradition.  Basically, any show on stage, they’re obsessed!  They’ve seen The Lion King, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Annie, just to name a few – all amazing musicals!  We’re going to see Elf the Musical in just a few short weeks!  Since it’s one of their favorite movies, they can’t wait to see it on stage!
Here they were last year…
 …and this year.
 After the show, Effie took to the stage and did a little improv performance!  Not once, but TWICE!
 At Effie’s yearly check-up on Friday morning, I had the doctor check Vaughn’s ears, since he’d just gotten over an ear infection about a month ago.  Well, I was shocked, he actually had a double ear infection.  He sleeps right next to our room, so we’d definitely hear him if he cried at home, but he’s been fine and happy, and never complained about his ears hurting.  Needless to say, I was happy to get him started again on some stronger antibiotics, and thankful that I even thought to ask to re-check them.
Off to Charlotte, in our Carolina gear!  Lanier and I headed to the game that night, while the children stayed with my inlaws and visited McAdenville to see all the Christmas lights.  They’ve been doing this every year since Wheeler was a baby, so it was nice to keep the tradition going, even though we’ve moved further away.

While out shopping for a split second, I spotted these gorgeous DVF dresses (black/gold and navy)!  You may remember this dress that I’ve worn a few times; it’s the exact same style.  For fit, they run big.  Definitely go down at least one size.
For a black/gold dress at a lower price point, I’m loving this dress too.
Currently 25% off for a limited time!

I got this Chi Cordless Styling Iron last week and it’s AWESOME!  I’ve been keeping it in our downstairs bathroom for convenience.  It’s nice to be able to touch up a few spots right before I walk out the door.  Would make a great gift for Christmas!

 We had the best time tailgating before the game!  Just wish I’d taken more pics!
 The security at the game was extra tight!  This was the crowd of people waiting to get into the game.
 While I was at the game, I ran into my cousin randomly.  Such a small world!  I posted about it on IG on Saturday, but he’s my double first cousin.  I know that sounds so odd, and it’s even crazier that we actually share the same grandparents on both sides, but it’s not that weird.  It just means that two sisters married two brothers.  So my mom’s sister and my dad’s brother got married.  They’re all best friends and actually just got back from Spain together.  If you have siblings, can you imagine marrying another set of siblings?
 The pretty city all lit up for Chritmas!
 Having the best time!  It got down to 30 degrees at the game I think, but we managed to stay so warm!  I’m wearing my favorite Minnetonka Fringed Boots, this scarf (only $12!) and unfortunately, my toboggan is an oldie, but goodie from Kate Spade, from a few years ago.  But this pink bow one is super cute too!
 Some of our decorations we’ve starting putting out around our house.
Wheeler with one of her best buddies at their last rehearsal.  They’ve been practicing for the last few months for their big Christmas performance that’s next week!  Can’t wait!
 The cutest classroom door displays!
I’m probably jinxing myself here but we haven’t forgotten to move our Elf “Snowflake” yet!  Success!  You may be wondering why his little arms aren’t in his sleeves.  It’s because his hands are still stuck together and we like to hang him places.
Wheeler asked to leave this out for Snowflake tonight.  The sweetest.

We finally decorated our Christmas tree last night!  If you’ll look closely, you can spot little Boozer in one of our new ornaments.  It was only $6 and it shipped for free.  My light-up necklaces have been a hit this season, especially with the kids!  You can buy two for less than $10, and they have three different blinking options.  Glimmer-Wrapped Wine Glass // Nightshirt
I know some of you said you were bummed that this Mara Swing Dress sold out so quickly during their sale. Well, it’s back in stock!  Would be so fun if you’re traveling anywhere warm over the holidays!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. I also have double cousins! You don't hear about them very often. My Papaw and his brother married sisters. I enjoy the outfits you post and the exciting things you do with your little ones. My "little ones" are 13 and 16 now and are both taller than me! Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year!

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