Holiday Gift Guide: Comfy Cozy Gifts

Today’s gift guide is all about warmth and comfort!  My guess is that whoever is the lucky recipient may want to don these as soon as they open their gift!  I know I sure would!
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Comfy Cozy Gifts

If you want to toss in some other cozy favorites as part of your gift…
…get these Ugg Slippers, my all-time favorite (I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them).
Get this Nest Candle
…and if you want to toss in a bottle of wine, that’s major extra credit!
For a complete cozy gifts section, head over here.  Loving all of these great gift ideas!
I don’t know about you, but after this post, all I want to do is crawl back into bed, snuggle up with a nice big blanket, some hot coffee and a good book this morning.

So y’all may remember my Tory Burch Mirrored Sunglasses I got earlier this year.  Well, I dropped them a few months ago and there’s been a scratch on the lens for awhile now.  I finally got around to mailing them to Luxottica to see if they could repair them.  They contacted me last week and said they weren’t able to fix them, but that I could order the same pair at a discount.  When I called to follow-up, the only color they had in stock were these light blue ones, but I think they’re cool too.  I’ll be able to tell more when I see them in person.  I just love the style and mirrored lens so much.  Can’t wait to finally have them back!
Remember, to make your gift shopping experience easier, check out my sidebar.  I’ve compiled and organized a complete list of all of my holiday gift guides so far!
 Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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