Wednesday Whereabouts

I’m not making this location a clue today – this is where I’ll be this morning, getting my license renewed.  Boo.  The girls will be in tow, as well.  Here’s hoping the line is short!  Fingers crossed!

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. I need to do the same thing, but always put it off to the last minute. That place drives me nut!

    Years ago when I went in to take my written test (16 – first license) the woman behind the counter gave me the motorcycle exam instead of the driving one. When I tried to tell her what she had done, she shouted me down and told me she gave me the right one (wouldn't get off her butt to check it out). Suffice to say, I flunked that motorcycle test. Need I say more! LOL

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. The DMV is sooo frightening! If you watch RHBH on Bravo youll know that Lisa agrees too! The line is long no matter what day and what time….does anyone work?? Hope it went well!!

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