DMV Update and Shopping

Well, to update the DMV post from yesterday, the girls and I headed to the first one, it moved.  Then went to another, and their camera was broken.  So instead, the girls and I headed to LUNA to vent out our (okay, my) frustration!  Needless to say, it helped.  They’ve got a great sale right now.  They have 75% and 30% off sale racks…buy one, get one free.  I got some great deals (one example: Ella Moss Navy Cardi $132, I got it for $33 – plus, another item FREE)!  Thankfully the sale started yesterday, so nothing was too picked through yet.  There are LUNAs in Charleston, Atlanta and Bethesda, Maryland, as well.  So if you’re nearby, you should stop in.  I’ve always loved that place!  I also stopped into Monkee’s, as well.  It’s hard not to stop in, when it’s right near my parents’ house.  There’s also Scout and Molly’s, Capitol, the poole shop, etc right near them as well.  The list goes on and on!  I’m thinking the next item on my list is an infinity scarf.  What do you think?

Oh, and when I will actually head back to the DMV?  Who knows!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!  Carolina plays Tennessee in the Music City Bowl tonight.
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5 thoughts on “DMV Update and Shopping

  1. We are cheering for the Heels! I just got a brown infinity scarf and love it! So many options! En route to Luna tomorrow. xoxo Happy New Year!

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