Wednesday Whereabouts

We have had the best week!  It helps when the weather is wonderful and we’re in good company.  This past Wednesday we headed home for a quick visit before heading to the mountains for the weekend.  Here with my mom and youngest sister (#6 of the 6).  It’s hard to see, but my mom is wearing this necklace I gifted her last week.  Loved mine so much, I had to get her one too!
 I really do believe that I appreciate time with my family more, now that we’ve moved away.  I took it for granted so much, when we were living in town.  Now, I just feel so extra blessed to experience that much-needed family time whenever we can fit it in.  My kids obviously love hanging out with my parents, their Gigi and Grandaddy.

 Could my dad and I not have coordinated any better?  And not even on purpose.
I’m wearing this Lilly Pulitzer Dress that I honestly could toss on every single day.
 Love this pic of my sister with Vaughn.  Always having a good time!
I went on a run in my parents’ neighborhood and it was the first time I’ve tried the trail.  As I was about to turn around at one point, I came up to this pretty pond.  Such a gorgeous view.

Last week, I finally had a chance to enjoy my Mother’s Day gift, my Duckhorn wine.  Super delicious!
As I mentioned on Monday’s post, we headed up to the mountains for the weekend.  Fourteen years running and always an awesome time.  This year there were ten of us that made the trip.
Every year (sometimes twice a year), we stay at my friend’s very rustic cabin, like no AC, no internet access, rustic.  Even though it is up in the mountains, some summer trips have gotten pretty hot.  This year, the weather was just right, with it even getting into the high 50s at night.
 A view from the bridge.
 In the mornings, I loved having time to decompress, unplug and listening to nothing but the wind in the trees and the running creek below me.  Afternoons, nights on into early mornings brought laughter, card games, tubing on the creek and singing to the rhythm of sometimes three guitars playing at one time.
While away, my mom captured some moments of the girls over the weekend.  Having the best time, as usual.  The baby above is my newest nephew.  I met him when he was only five days old.  We head to my parents’ house next week and I cannot wait to snuggle on him again!!
On the way home, the children napped for most of the ride.  I knew they were wiped because they rarely sleep in the car.  But it just goes to show how much fun they had with both sets of their grandparents all weekend.
As I mentioned yesterday, the girls have been going to summer camp.  Captured this moment yesterday morning, when they asked if I could take a pic of their fishtail braids.
So I’ve taken to the road with the boys on my runs, while the girls have been at camp.  We’ve had the best time!  Yesterday we conquered the Arthur Ravenel Bridge!

Last night, Lanier and I went out to dinner with friends and tried a few new tasty cocktails.  Can’t wait to share it with you on tomorrow’s Thirsty Thursday post!  And of course, at the end of the evening, we had to make our last stop at Jeni’s!  This was the Brown Butter Brittle flavor!  And if you can’t tell, I love wearing my Charleston Rice Beads from Candy Shop Vintage.  They make great gifts too and are so versatile.  Wear it as a necklace or a bracelet.  The little turquoise one is perfect to add to any arm party or simple enough to wear on its own.
Monday’s OOTD

Top // Cutoffs (on sale) // Necklace // Flip Flops // Sunnies
Last Thursday’s OOTD

I wore this OOTD last week and wanted to let you know that my Kendra Scott Necklace finally went on sale!  Paired it with this Joie Top // J.Crew Chino Shorts // Flip Flops // Bracelet // Cuff
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. Seems like y'all have had a super fun week! I love the picture of your kids sleeping in the car (with the pink croc sneaking in from the back seat), it is too cute!


  2. I bought that Lilly dress too and I agree I wish it was available in a million prints because I would buy it. Being 15 weeks pregnant makes it a great dress to make feel pretty and not so inbetween regular and maternity clothes!

  3. I am loving all of these photos. What a fun weekend! That photo of the girls with their fishtail braids is so precious and looks likes one of those default photos that come in new picture frames at Hallmark!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! You have four kiddos down to an art!! Any suggestions for a soon to be mom of four little ones 5 and under? Didn't know if you may have an old post with items that are must haves?

    1. Thanks so much!! We are thrilled!! We've got two boys and a girl, and will find out next week what this little one is!! Thanks so much for the link!! Enjoy reading your blog so much!!

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