Wednesday Whereabouts

After posting so many locations on yesterday’s post, I realized I hadn’t done a “Wednesday Whereabouts” in awhile.  Can you guess today’s location?  I visited this place about ten years ago, and it was such a beautiful, neat place!  For older “WWs” I’ve done in the past, click on the “Wednesday Whereabouts” label at the bottom of this post.

Happy Hump Day!

Oh, and by the way, many of you inquired about yesterday’s photos, and if I took them.  I wish I could have captured those images!  If you scroll to the bottom of yesterday’s post, there are photo credits for each of the photos I used.  But here are two photos of my own, from Big Sur, California.


Oh, and if you want to win a great personalized PSA Essentials stamp from 2Preppy Girls, click here!  They’re giving one away, and the giveaway ends at midnight on the 21st!  Good luck!  I’ve got two of them, one of which I ordered from 2Preppy Girls, and I love it!  I seriously use it for everything! 

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Oh mercy…..I have no clue but I'd love to go. I'd had fun taking pictures there:)

    OHHH thanks for the heads up on the stamp. I need a new one. I have one and it's for Christmas with a tree:) Off to enter, thanks!

  2. I would have to agree with Edinborough…I haven't been there, but my husband traveled there while studying at Oxford. Looks amazing!

  3. I'll be interested to find out what location this is…looks amazing whatever it is. At first i thought it was Mt. Saint Michel in France by the second picture, but i know its not that.

    So jealous of all your great traveling

  4. Okay, a little late on this but it looks beautiful! I definitely love that stamp too! I need another one! Can't wait to find out where this is! (Happy Thursday!)

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