Ladybug Girl

Happy Thursday, Y’all!  Does anyone have a young girl, and read these books?  They are the sweetest books, with the cutest illustrations!  W loves these books, and constantly pretends that she is Ladybug Girl.

After seeing on Gilt’s “Happy January Sale”, that their Tutu Ladybug Set was half price, I knew I had to grab it up for W.  If you want a free invitation to Gilt, just email me and I’ll see you an invitation (sweetsouthernprep at gmail).  It’s a lot like Rue La La (great sales on designers for men, women, children, destinations, etc.).

I’m not sure if I’ll save it for her June birthday yet, or open it when it gets here, but I know she’ll love it.  She may use it for her Halloween costume, as well.  I’m not quite sure by three and a half, come this October, if W will have a say-so in what she’ll want to be.  We’ll see!  Either way, Halloween or not, I know she’ll love wearing the wings and tutu around the house!  Plus, the red Crocs she’ll be wearing this summer will go perfect with it!

Yesterday’s location was Edinburgh, Scotland.  It is such a neat place, especially with the castle on the hill in the middle of the city!  Surreal!

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12 thoughts on “Ladybug Girl

  1. Sooo ironic! My daughter, Amelia is four and in pre-school. They are 'doing' the letter "L" this week and she has been talking about 'Ladybug girl' all week and I had no idea what she was talking about. I just woke her up to look at your post and she jumped for joy saying, "YES, that is the book I want!" Thanks for posting!
    melissa from s.c.

  2. The Easter bunny could bring the outfit. 🙂
    Those books look so cute. I will have to remember these for the next person who has a girl.

  3. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and love it. We don't have those books yet but I am going to check them out for my little one who LOVES ladybugs.

  4. I don't have any of these books for GG, but after seeing them around on several blogs, I will definitely be checking them out! I also love the outfit. What a cute idea for a themed party!

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