Wednesday Whereabouts

I went here this summer, and thought it was such a cute place.  Can you guess the location?

A little hint:  This was taken at the location, a little while ago (his parents live at the location).  🙂
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!
We’re headed to the pool, once again!
Insane Heat = Outdoor Refreshment

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Kennebunkport, Maine! I made my parents take me there when I was 8 because it was where "Republicans vacationed." I was such a strange kid! But it's so beautiful we've been back regularly!

  2. I've never been to Maine, but it looks amazing!!! Now I want to go!!!!
    Hope you had a great time at the pool! I wish I had one! 🙂
    xoxo- Vy

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