Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer’s Secret Sale…

How did everyone do?  E had her 9 month doctor’s appointment this morning.  All she got was a finger prick, and she didn’t even cry, brave soul.  Little did I know that her appointment would be the least of my worries today.  Haha.  After many attempts at calling, and then sending an email, I ended up ordering the items myself because I was able to FINALLY get through!  I seriously compared this to college, logging on at the exact minute the registrar opened, to get the classes and professors I wanted.  Although doing that didn’t involve a Site Crash like Lilly had this morning.  They’ll prepare for it next time, I’m sure of it!  I also purchased some dresses that I’ve never even tried on before, so they may end up on the blog sale, if they don’t work for me.  Just a heads up!

What did everyone get?  Seriously, I’m going to have to go back through my two orders and see what all I purchased.  I’ll save it for my Fashion Friday post, so I can finally get my thoughts organized after today’s experience.  A HUGE thank you to Paige, at Monograms and Margaritas, for your help!  I seriously wouldn’t have ever fixed my problem without you!  What do I owe you…a margarita, perhaps?  🙂

Was there anything you wanted, and it was out of stock by the time you tried to order it?  I wanted the Worth Shift in Stuffed Shell.  Since it was sold out, I got the Del Mar style instead.  I also wanted the Goldy Pink Dress too.  Sadly it was sold out before I could order it too.  Oh well, guess I couldn’t get everything, but I’m so pleased with everything else I was able to get my hands on.

Worth Shift (sold out)
Del Mar (got this one instead)

Well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the day, today.  If you haven’t checked out the Lilly sale yet, there are many, many items still available, and the sale runs until Thursday.  Click here, to check it out.  Also, the items on my blog sale are still up, and the Twyla dress wasn’t even on the Lilly sale today.  Click here to head on over.  Oh, and my giveaway is still going on too.  Cheers, y’all!  I’ll be celebrating Lilly tonight with a nice glass of wine!  Whew!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer’s Secret Sale…

  1. Yes, I compared it to registering for college too! I felt like a pro using the Ctrl-R trick! Thankfully, I saved a bit of per diem money from my last work trip or the hubby might have kicked me out!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting it on your blog, I would have never known about it without you!

  2. I wish the fleece vest hadn't sold out so quickly! It was one of the first items I put in my shopping tote but because the site was running so slow, it was gone literally seconds before I went to check out! Instead, I got the fleece jacket, so I guess there's not too much room to complain!

  3. Haha That's too funny – definitely like registering for college classes. Great comparison. I got your message about the Del Mar. I'm sold out of the Del Mar in the fruity patch but I DO have the Worth Shift in Stuffed Shells that you wanted. Only one size 8 left (a sign perhaps??) and I can do 1/2 off. (so $89). I know you may want to wait to see if these other dresses work out but just let me know if you are interested. I'll do free shipping too! Maybe when we get website fully stocked with the new Fall goods you can do a post for us. I should have some yummy Lilly stationary freebies for ya by then too! Thanks!
    [*ps. did the Del Mar Ten Ton Bouquet dress work out for you?]

    Enjoy your glass of wine tonight =) I'll be right there with ya!

  4. It was totally like registering for classes! But I'll take getting new Lilly in the mail over having to go to class any day! 🙂 I got the Delphina dress and a Murfee scarf!

  5. Oh my goodness – you're right! Same feeling as waking up early to register for classes in college and panicking as you wait to see if they are available. Cannot wait to see the rest of your purchases – I'm sure they are lovely!

  6. I didn't have much time because we had to start work week! I tried to order a murfee via email so we'll see about that.

  7. Glad you got some more clothes! You must have a sizable clothes allowance woman…seems like you're always shopping! Fun! So when can I come over and check out your closet?

    Enjoy your vino!

  8. Ugh, when I was in school we had to register by phone which was the worst. But still somehow not as bad as the Lilly site today.
    I was pleases with what I got but it took four hours online today.
    I really wanted the floral Eliot shirt dress but despite it being in my tote, they sold it out from under me. At most stores things stay in your bag while you shop.
    I got some tops the Henley ruffle, a vneck tee and the Wynn top. I also got two simple skirts that I am way excited about; one in prep green hit the spot-a pattern I love and have the claire dress in. Also got some multiple something juice stand which looks cute. I also got the harper dress in dirty Shirley.
    I ordered my daughter a polo, the pandemonium shift and the Flossie dress in lilly pad.
    I had to make two orders so I emailed them about the free mckims with my order confs attached so hope I get them.
    The prices were unbelievable, especially on the Harper but so was the aggravation.

  9. As much moaning and complaining I was doing during that two hour time period of being able to buy NOTHING on the lilly website, I was happy with my purchases 🙂

    I'm relatively new to Lilly so as far as online shopping I've stuck to purses & stationary since I'm not sure how certain things will fit me. I got the small pandamonium tote which is my fave print (my wardrobe is mostly black and white!), and the original hen house tote which will look soooo cute toting my school stuff or gym stuff in. $65 for not one but TWO new lilly totes is such a great deal. Can't wait for all the compliments I'll recieve 🙂

  10. Lots of my stuff disappeared from my cart. checkout too me 3 phone calls, 2 orders and 4 hours! I did get a few of the items I wanted: harper in Madly Glam, Walsh Short in Queen of Green, Swimsuit & Laizy Daiz sandal, but the 8.5 disappeared from my cart so I bought the 8, fingers crossed they fit! Sadly all the stuff for my Minnie was gone from my cart when I finally made it through the checkout. I had to email CS for the free mckims…..just hoping I actually receive it all! xx Sue

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