Wednesday Whereabouts


Have you guessed the location?  If not, then you really need to visit this city!  It’s amazing, and so southern!
My husband actually proposed to me here, as well.  Makes the city even more special.

Happy Hump Day!

20 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Ah, you had me with the first picture! I LOVE Charleston and dream of owning a home there someday. My husband and I have tried to figure our a way to move our jobs downt here but we haven't figured it out yet. What a great place for a proposal!!

  2. Never been lucky enough to go there (I have to get a trip planned there soon!), but hands-down I know that is Charleston!

  3. hey love!

    you won the market tote giveaway. send me your deets via email so i can pass it on to Ashley.

    congrats! i will announce tomorrow or in the friday, i'm in love series.


  4. What a fun post! You got engaged there? Sigh, how ROMANTIC!!! You are the sweetest I just loving visiting your blog XXOXO

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