Wednesday Whereabouts

We pretty much spent the whole weekend on the water and the kids loved it!  We figured since we weren’t traveling anywhere for the holiday weekend, and the weather was so beautiful, that we’d pick different spots each trip around the islands to visit.
While it poured on Friday during Hurricane Hermine, I decided to tackle my closet.  Effie offered to help, but that really meant being the dj, trying on all of my dresses and putting on my make-up…and we both loved every single minute of it!  The trick was making sure she didn’t get that lovely lipstick application on any of my dresses.
 One day she’ll actually be able to fit into these!  Can’t even think about that!  Dress (it’s on sale right now for $82) // Sandals (on sale)
Looking good in Lilly.  This dress was obviously her favorite – Pink Pink Pink!  She paired them with my wedges I haven’t even worn yet.  Like most girls, she preferred heels over flats.
My sweet baby boy.  But don’t get caught calling him a baby. 😉
Love Logan’s mega-smile! Just looking at it here makes me want to grab him and hug him through the screen! // Scalloped Bikini Top (wearing a medium) // Sunnies
I’ve been trying to find my old Hayden Reis Tote, now over three years old, and I finally found it!  Still just as good as the first day I used it.  I scored my coral cover-up during the Lilly Sale.  Here’s a similar one, and it’s on sale too!  Use code: BIRTHDAY and take an extra 10% off.
 Searching for shark’s teeth.  We found over 100 on this beach!  I’m already (impatiently) waiting to go back and get more.
Our Labor Day crew.
Wheeler pretty much sums up our weekend!  The best time!
When the weather is this nice in Charleston, with a cool breeze vs. humidity, you take advantage of every second to enjoy it outside.  Yesterday, Vickery’s on Shem Creek was the spot.  Beautiful creek views and a dolphin sighting.  The tuna steak salad was delicious too!
I love how much Logan is into wanting to play games right now.  Lanier and I have always loved playing games.  Wheeler and Effie do too, but it’s great to see that Logan, at almost five, is old enough to understand the rules now too.
In case you missed my post yesterday, I shared what I’m loving lately for Fall.  Below are a few of my favorites that I must try on soon!  Love every single piece!
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Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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