Miami Vice Cocktail + A Day at the Beach + Go Carolina Panthers!

My sister, her husband and son are in town this week, vacationing at Wild Dunes.  Yesterday, we visited them, and of course did some swimming and enjoyed a little beach time too.  This week’s cocktail I’m sharing had me reminiscing about the last trip we made out to visit one of my other sisters.  She raved about the Miami Vice and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it until that day.  The next time you’re deciding between a Strawberry Daiquiri and a Piña Colada, you don’t have to, just ask for a Miami Vice!  Cheers!
Miami Vice
(found this recipe here)
One jigger or 5 ounces of 151 rum
8 ounces of piña colada mix
8 ounces of strawberry daiquiri mix
1½ scoop of crushed ice
Mixing glass or large cup
Add 1½ scoops of crushed ice in the blender.
Add in 2½ ounces of the 151 rum.
Add 8 ounces of the piña colada mix.
Blend it for 30 seconds.
After blending, pour the blended liquid into a mixing glass or a large cup.
When preparing the other color (the strawberry daiquiri mix), be sure to clean the blender before preparing.
Follow first four steps again, replacing the piña colada with your strawberry daiquiri mix instead.
After preparing the two frozen ingredients, pour the piña colada mix in the glass, followed by the strawberry daiquiri mix. Pour it very carefully and be sure that the red strawberry mix will not combine with the white piña colada mix, to form a horizontal design.
Garnish with strawberries and pineapples.
For those of you wanting to save a few calories, I found a skinny version here.
Since we’re talking cocktails, I have this watch in a brighter color combo, but kind of loving it in this color combo for Fall.  Found it on sale here.  Not sure if y’all remember these pink heels from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but I just found them on sale here.  I love wearing classic heels all fall/winter.  I had a pair of suede taupe ones I wore a lot last year, and hope to find another pair similar, maybe a more nude color for this season.
Can you tell the kids were excited to see them??  Vaughn cracks me up!  Such a nut!
 Loving on their sweet little cousin!
I tend not to give my kiddos too much candy, but Vaughn opted for this candy bracelet over ice cream and loved it.
My nephew is learning to stand and it’s just the cutest thing!  I miss this stage!
Pippi Longstocking!
Wheeler’s wearing this swimsuit, and I’m wearing the matching one with this cover-up.
I scored Effie’s swimsuit during the big Lilly sale a few weeks ago.  Love it so much I’m wishing I’d ordered two of them now!
Long Live Summer!
We finished the night roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores.  We were sad the day had to come to an end!  Miss them already!
The Carolina Panthers play their first game tonight and I cannot wait!  Love Panthers football season!  Here’s hoping they have just as good of a year, as last year!  My Rayne Necklace I’m wearing today is only available in Kendra Scott’s Color Bar here.  You have to select ‘Necklace’, then ‘Rayne’, then select your metal ‘Gold’ and then my color, ‘Teal Magnesite’ and you’re all set!  Paired it here with my favorite rose gold ring, the Arielle Ring in Peach Illusion.  My loose-knit pullover is only $25!  Perfect for early Fall.
Go Panthers!  Hoping we start our season off with a win tonight!