Wednesday Whereabouts + Yesterday’s OOTD

For Mother’s Day, I was showered with lovely cards and sweet gifts!
Wheeler greeted me with this special little pennant she made at school.  She had it hidden in her room for the past week and couldn’t wait to finally show it to me!
This was the first year we spent Mother’s Day with just our family.  We didn’t travel home.  As you can tell above, it was a bright, sunny day so we chose to spend the day at the pool.  We obviously like the pool, but we love it even more when daddy gets to come with us too!  It’s hard to see, but I’m wearing this Lilly Pulitzer Cover-up and love it!  I have a feeling I’ll be tossing it on many more pool and beach dates this summer.  Wheeler’s wearing this cover-up.  Effie picked hers out at a local store back in February.  It’s by Roberta Roller Rabbit and I tried to find it online for you, but can’t find this particular print.  But I love this one, especially the pink!  And Logan’s suit is Mini Boden.
One perk of having the girls so close in age is that they can share a lot of the same clothes.  You may remember seeing in photos last Wednesday that Wheeler was wearing the pink bikini Effie is wearing.  Wheeler is wearing this one.
Worn out.
On Saturday afternoon the girls and I attended my friend Caycee’s daughter Taylor’s 3rd Birthday Party.  Talk about a party!  From the yummy cookies and cute Peppa Pig cake to the GINORMOUS jumpy princess castle and margarita bar, I think she outdid herself!  We had the best time and had the hardest time leaving!
I’m wearing the Lilly Pulitzer Top I posted about on Monday.  In case you missed the details on fit, check out the post here.  I’m pretty sure that’s a raindrop falling on my hair.  Not a random blonde streak.  Who knows.
Later on Saturday evening we headed over to our friends’ house for a party.  My friend Sam’s husband was turning 40 and it was seriously the best throw down I’ve attended in quite some time…complete with a photo booth, food truck, bar and a dj!  Needless to say we had an awesome time – so much that I didn’t take a single picture!  But I did get a chance to wear this dress.
I know I’ve posted about the newest Operation game before, but I wanted to let you know it’s very different than the original version.  Let’s just say it’s more kid-friendly, as the holes are much larger, making it easier to remove the pieces without a buzz.  Effie picked out her dress last month when we were returning something at J.Crew Factory.  It’s so cute and breezy, and currently on sale!  I’m also loving this dress.  The bow is so cute on the back.
Sweet Vaughn carried around Effie’s Bitty Baby the other day.  He even requested to sleep with it.  Please stop growing!!
Hate I had to miss spending Mother’s Day with my mama.  And to make it worse, we had to miss celebrating her birthday yesterday.  One of the downsides of moving away from family…  Thank goodness for FaceTime!  But seriously, isn’t she beautiful?  I gave her the necklace she is wearing for Mother’s Day (similar here and here).
Yesterday’s OOTD

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Cannot believe it’s already the middle of May.  While the three younger kids haven’t been in school since the move, Wheeler will be out of school in just a few short weeks.  Cannot wait!!

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  1. My son's name is Wheeler and it throws me to see it on here, especially this post with the cute little handwriting!

  2. Seems like y'all had a great week! It seems so warm in Charleston, I'm jealous!


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