Homemade Snow Cone Syrup + Saturday’s OOTD

As I usually share alcoholic cocktails on here, I wanted to share something fun sans alcohol for this week’s Thirsty Thursday.  Yes, I’m sure there’s still a way to include it in this one, but these are pretty basic recipes.  Can’t wait for the kids and I to try it!
SSP reader Angela emailed me in regards to her friend, Pastry Chef Francesca Connolly from Atlanta’s The Brasserie & Neighborhood Café at PARISH. As a mom to a 3 year old girl, she believes that spending quality time in the kitchen is a delicious way to teach kids essential skills. She credits the time she spent cooking with her mother as her source of passion for the kitchen.
With this in mind, Connolly has created two simple yet delicious snow cone recipes that she loves to prepare with her daughter, Fiona, during summertime.
Peach Mint Snow Cone
1 cup peach puree
½ cup simple syrup
Heat both together and cool.
Pour over shaved ice. 
Strawberry Basil Snow Cone
1cup strawberry puree
½ cup simple syrup
Heat both together and cool.
Pour over shaved ice.
To make shaved ice, just toss some ice cubes in a blender and add a little water until you get the right consistency.  I feel like every blender is different for this.
Thanks, Angela and Francesca!
Some of you wanted complete details on the outfit I wore on Saturday.  You know me, always seeking comfort with style.  Here you go…

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

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