Wednesday Whereabouts: The Wedding Weekend

As promised…photos from my sister’s wedding weekend, this past weekend.  Since they hired a professional photographer for the wedding and reception, I was unable to compete with their skills (otherwise known as, I didn’t want to get in their way).  As soon as the photos are released, I’ll be sure and share the wedding photos with you.  I’m excited to see them!

Practicing her flower girl role with Gigi (my mother)
My dad and the hubs
The awesome groom’s cake (he went to Auburn)
My beautiful mother
Surf and Turf at its finest!
My youngest sister with one very excited flower girl!
About to get prepped for the BIG DAY!
 One very proud mama! W did a FABULOUS job!

Wedding photos to come soon!  Here are a few my cousin snapped at the reception…

W, with her dancing shoes on, breaking it down on the dance floor.
I’m not kidding, she stayed on the dance floor almost two hours straight.
My beautiful cousin, who looks more like W than I do!

My sister had seven bridesmaids. Each pair of bridesmaids wore the same style, leaving one by herself…which was sister #4.  They had to make her a maternity one.

Sister #2 and I wore this one…

It’s a great cut, and I’m definitely planning on wearing it again.
The color she chose was a champagne brown color.
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. W looks so adorable in all of the flower girl pictures! My bridesmaids are doing LulaKate dresses as well, I just love all of the options. 🙂

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