Tuesday Trends: Summer Steals and Candids

I hope everyone is ready for a short work week.  I say short, but actually when I used to teach, I always remember the shorter weeks seeming the longest after a break.  Not quite sure why.  Maybe it was dealing with the rambunctious students, after coming off a holiday weekend.

Our pool doesn’t open full time for another two weeks, so we’ll be enjoying our blow-up pool in the backyard for awhile.  Today’s the first day I’m trying it.  We’ll see how long their attention lasts…

Here are a couple of deals I’ve found lately, that will ensure a fun summer, with fresh reads and bright kicks, wherever you intend to go…even if it’s staying comfy and cozy in your own home…

First off, US Weekly is offering a full year’s WEEKLY subscription for only $34!  Can’t beat that.  Click HERE to check out the deal.  Even better, if you get three friends to take advantage of the same deal, you get a year’s subscription FREE!

I’m still a big Town & Country fan, and my subscription was about to run out, so I went searching for the best deal.  The best I could find was HERE.  Only $10 for a year’s subscription, which equals out to only $.91 per issue.

Neiman Marcus is having a 40% off New Arrivals Sale, and free shipping with code: MAYFS.  Get these babies for only $35 total.

Currently, as of May 29th, all sizes are still available.

And perhaps a great cover-up, to match?

 See, here’s proof that Little L isn’t happy all the time, just most of the time.
(At my sister’s baby shower, a couple of weeks ago.)
This was at my mom’s birthday party (May 12th).  I think we were saying the blessing?
Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Summer Steals and Candids

  1. Im loving those Tory Burch flip flops and cover up to match. It is already so hot I think the pool is where we will be most of the time. Cute pics
    Have a great week

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