Wednesday Whereabouts: Waiting for Lilly

Those of you crazy enough to brave the Lilly Online Sale yesterday, how did you do?  With the first crash around 8:05am, then the promise of a fix by 4pm, except changing that time to 6pm, it definitely took some dedicated Lilly Lovers to stick around for the sale site to finally work (which many of us know didn’t start at 6pm).  Well, I got my iPad in bed with me around 11:00pm last night, and finally had some luck!  Shopping the sale was a breeze and the checkout process was smooth as it could be.  Not sure if it was the IT Team at Lilly to finally succeed in getting it to run smoothly, or if it was many of the Lilly shoppers’ bedtimes, but either way, I was rewarded.  These prices were just too hard to resist!

 Lilly Pulitzer Lana Top in Navy ($19)
Thought this would go well with many of my statement necklaces.

Carolina Bubble Dress
Perfect for church in the spring!  From $78, to only $24! 

Little Lilly Shift
For only $24, yes, please. 

 In my opinion, you can never have too many Elsas!
From $158 to $49.

Cassie Top in Pink Lilac (From $58 to $14)
Again, a great top for wearing with fun necklaces. 

Thinking ahead, I grabbed a swimsuit for W, for next summer (two sizes larger than she wears now). Just a heads up, girls Lilly swimsuits run super small! Snagged this one for only $19.

 Lilly Pulitzer Connell Sweater in Thyme Green
From $348 to $89, this one will be keeping me cozy all fall/winter long.

I’d love to know what you snagged at the sale, if you actually had some luck!
Also, just a note, be sure and check back this morning and tomorrow morning if you missed out on your favorite Lilly piece.  Many times, Lilly will re-stock and add items back, and if you’re lucky, you might see your piece for sale again.  Good luck!
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13 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Waiting for Lilly

  1. I got the same Elsa – I don't think I'd ever seen that print before and I love that it has some black in it, which is rare for a lot of Lilly. Will be a good year-round piece!

  2. I waited til' this am and am paying for it…a few things I wanted are gone. But I did pick up a couple of Kade's for gifts, one for me, some Breezie tanks and a Clementine/Hottie Pink. I love this time of year!

  3. I got a good laugh on Facebook yesterday reading all the comments as the lilly 'crash' kept extending. I as well got online about 9pm last night and it was a breeze! Lots of great styles and colors in lots of sizes and amazing deals! I ended up getting the Kori Dress and Somerset Dress. Wish I had made it in time for a Murfee scarf! Happy shopping!

  4. I scored too! Got a breezie tank in bright navy cherry picker, a new green murfee in palm beach, and a carded id wristlet. Worth the wait!

  5. I was one of the lucky ones who got through at the initial 8AM time.. I got some Cleos and Wynnes and was planning on shopping more, but only my first order went through. Bright side, it will be on my doorstep tomorrow morning!

  6. I got the same elsa, the Darlena in toile, a Derby necklace, some shorts for the fiance, a Lana, and some clutches for my bridesmaids. I am really attempting to not go back and do another order. 😉

  7. I got up at 5 AM (PST) and had no issues placing my order. I went back to bed and then woke to all of the craziness! Now I just hope everything fits/arrives!

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