Wednesday Whereabouts: Vaughn’s 6th Birthday + Halloween Party

Sweet Vaughn on his 6th Birthday!  I think it was everything he had envisioned.

The girls created this word search for the party goers.  Can you find Vaughn’s name?  You can tell I obviously didn’t proofread their work before they printed them off.  A few misspellings.  Oh well.  Still so cute!  If you want to create your own, head over to

Just like his brother, Vaughn is still very much LEGO-obsessed!

Cutest little sticker activity the kids created at the party.  Halloween has always been on of Vaughn’s favorite holidays.

Decorating pumpkins the easiest way we know how!  Jewels, sticker and markers!  These were fake pumpkins with glitter stems found at Target.

Vaughn had a joint party with one of his buddies.  She turned 8, while he turned 6!

Happy Birthday, Vaughn!  No matter how old he gets, he’ll always be my baby!

Got in a make-up USTA match over the weekend.  It finally felt like Fall too.  Lots of you asked about my black puffer.  So I’ve had this one for over five years and it’s still my absolute FAVE!  Very lightweight without giving up the insulation and warmth.  Trust me, I’ve never found anything better.  As for sizing, I have it in both a small and a medium, depending on if I want it more fitted or not.  If you’re planning on wearing it with sweaters or thicker layers underneath, go up a size.  You will love it!

I wish I’d taken a before photo of this table in the boys’ room.  Let’s just say they’re now able to actually use it for what it’s meant to be…not just a place for stacking toys and books.  Wonder how long it’ll stay this way?

Got in some baby love over the weekend.

Had lots of you ask about this cocktail that I posted to Instastories on Saturday.  It’s called a Money Penny, after a drink created at Zero George.  My friend recreates it and let’s just say, it’s one of my all-time faves!  I’ll share the recipe with you soon!

Kids having a big time on Saturday night!

Sundays in the South.  Still hasn’t gotten too cold just yet here.  The sweet outfits they’re wearing are by Shrimp & Grits.  Obviously one of my favorite lines in town!  I’m wearing these sunnies and these earrings.

Logan, the Red Power Ranger.  He’s never even seen the show, but knows what he likes!

The sweetest witch around!

Vaughn’s been saying he wanted to be a skeleton since the day after last Halloween.  Glad he stuck to it!  And the cutest, scariest little skeleton he is.  He’s most excited that his eyes light up.

Daddy dressed up too!

Best buddies!


What I Wore

We’ll say I was going for a 70s vibe here, for my “costume.”  But let’s be real, I’d probably wear this outfit on a regular day too.  Y’all, this floral top is the softest and I love the fit!  Paired it with these sandals, these shorts, these earrings and my sunnies are only $14?!  They won’t last long!

Happy Halloween, Y’all!  Y’all be safe tonight!

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