Wednesday Whereabouts: Spring Break


Effie sure is perfecting her poses.  No idea where she makes them up, but they’re pretty entertaining!  I love these Mara Hoffman swimsuits so much (more sizes available here)!  I wish she made a colorway like this that came in my size!

 As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, we spent the day out at the beach.  It was a little cloudy to start the day, but we didn’t mind one bit.  We still made sure to coat on our suntan lotion, as sometimes that’s when you get the most sun.  We weren’t going to let the clouds fool us! Loving all their colorful Native Shoes in this pic!  Today, I’ll be answering a few questions you’ve been asking lately.

 You know I couldn’t forget my favorite tassel coverup!  The black swimsuit I’m wearing has been a favorite since last summer.  It’s still available here.  I’ll try and get more pics of the front of it today while we’re out.  It runs true to size.

Some of you asked how big my Hayden Reis Tote actually is.  It’s a pretty hefty size, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!  Like I’ve noted before, I’ve honestly been using it for 3-4 years straight.  It has so many inside pockets, it’s lightweight and you can seriously wash it down because it’s made from old sailcloth.

Another question is which suntan lotion I’ve been using for my face.  I’ve gone back to Vanicream, as I feel like it coats my face the best and stays on the longest.  It is pretty pasty white when you apply it, as you can see above and on the girls’ faces below, but it’s not thick and sticky which I didn’t like when I tried other suntan lotions.  The only mistake I made yesterday was that I applied it to the kids’ bodies too, and I don’t think it’s as waterproof as their regular suntan lotion, so it washed off quicker than usual.

The kids are at such a great age for the beach now.  They love hanging out, building sand castles and thankfully never try to venture out too far.  They did play in the ocean, but thankfully where we were it didn’t get too deep.  I still didn’t let them go out too far.  The floaties for the boys were still a must!

Here’s a better pic of this swimsuit. // Sunnies
Our hotel has the most beautiful, lush scenery!

One of my favorite pics from the trip so far!

Vaughn wanted to climb on some of the higher rocks, and I wouldn’t let him.  Such a mean mama.  Haha.  Another question I got was where I got the boys’ puddle jumpers.  First off, I cannot tell you how great of an invention these have been every summer since Wheeler was a toddler.  My children have always been water babies from an early age, partly because I love the water too.  So whether I had just one infant and a toddler, which quickly grew to four under 5 years old, we were always at the pool.  In order to make that work when I was usually the only one watching them, the puddle jumpers were my lifesaver.  No pun intended!
Also, if you read this post about a month ago, I had every intention of letting Logan swim freely without his puddle jumpers, but we just knew Logan would enjoy his pool time more (and we would too) if he used them.  The pool hasn’t been that crowded but there’s been enough people that we just couldn’t keep an eye on the other three if we were with Logan the whole time.

My Lilly Pulitzer Cover-Up is currently 30% off.  Effie’s necklaces are Twine and Twig.  Wish they’d make that style in a longer size.  Love the fun bright colors!
Again with the reapplying.

My happy crew.

Had a few of you ask what size I got in this top.  It’s the biggest size, a 3.  I wanted it to fit loosely. Trust me, it’s the softest fabric and the perfect top to throw on after a day at the pool/beach.  When I get home, I can’t wait to wear it for lounging. // Flip Flops
Today only, these gorgeous gold Jacks are on sale!
In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared more pics of our Key West Spring Break so far.
Check it out here!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. Hi! Looks like you all are having a blast! My husband and I are looking at going to the keys this summer and I am wonderin gif you wouldn't mind sharing what hotel you are staying at.


  2. Love your blog-your sharing of family and fashion and faith. We live up in Michigan ( boo)… My entire family is in California – raised on a Peach ranch with Grandparents a tryke ride away.. Our first Granddaughter is in in St. Louis with our son and my 2nd daughter I had the easy way ( marriage)… So luv her. Just went to the Keys with my husband on 1/2/2016 and loved the area – we stayed at the Cheeca lodge…. We had a wonderful time. It was on the cool side, but no complaints. The beach now as I see it through your lenses is calling me to return. We did get a fishing guide and his boat and fished the waters—- a bit different from our love of fly fishing but really enjoyed the marine " life"…. Have a restful/fun rest of your stay…. Trips with this wonderful age is full…. And so full of memories in later years…. You have given me a huge smile of our 3 in these precious years….. Be well!

    1. Cindy, you are so sweet! Thanks so much! We definitely cherished every minute we could! Now you know why photography has always been a hobby of mine! Savoring these memories for years and years and years!

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