Wednesday Whereabouts + Shopbop Sale Starts Now!

What a week!  Hurricane Matthew blew in, leaving much destruction in its path, but the blessing of getting to spend so much extra time with family was definitely needed!  Hope you enjoy our week in (a slew of, and I do mean slew of) pictures…


The first day we arrived, the weather was perfect!  A little chill in the air, perfect for fall.  My mom, two of my sisters and I decided to take the kids to a pumpkin patch.fullsizerender

Carried along my monogrammed tote.  I love pulling it out every year for the fall season.img_1330

Enjoyed lots of snuggles with my sweet nephews throughout the weekend!  Isn’t it funny how two sisters can have little boys that look so different?  Both are just as sweet and cute as they can be.
img_1364 img_1195 img_1359 fullsizerender

I literally carried them around the petting zoo like this for at least ten minutes.  They can’t walk yet, so I was happy to help!  Plus, my sister took such great pics of my kids!fullsizerender fullsizerender fullsizerender fullsizerender

They honestly could’ve hung out with those animals all day.  We picked the perfect time to go, too.  Since the kids were out of school because of Hurricane Matthew, all the other children were in school and a field trip had just left.fullsizerender

Had I known we’d be going to the pumpkin patch, I would’ve dressed them in their cute fall outfits, but I clearly wasn’t thinking as I was packing to evacuate the day before.  And they could’ve cared less.

What I Wore


Top // Shorts (25% off with code: MAINEVENT16) // Sunniesimg_1355

On Thursday, my dad and his five son-in-law’s and my youngest sister’s boyfriend all had a trip planned to head to the beach for the weekend.  Because of Matthew, they had to relocate to the mountains, but I don’t think they minded too much.img_1007

My three sisters that live in town hung out the entire weekend.  We had the best time, but missed the other two! // If you haven’t played Splash yet, you must get it.  One of our current favorites!

The boys on their Highland Brewery Tour.img_1442

The rain finally made its way up to us on Friday.  We were pretty much shut-ins for the next two days, but that always makes for fun ways to entertain ourselves.  Wheeler and Logan made two of these and were soooo proud of themselves.img_1498

Growing up I used to do so many crossword puzzles.  My parents used to make copies of the newspaper crossword so we could all have our own.  When we visit, they still do it, and my mom still reads the newspaper every single morning.  My mom and dad (and whoever is visiting) also makes copies of the Sudoku and they race to see who can finish it first.  My dad usually wins, but Lanier beat him once this past week. // Take 25% off my super soft cardigan with code: MAINEVENT16.img_1422

We’re clearly a family that loves our games.  This particular week we played Spades and Hearts the most.  When it’s a bunch of us, we play ‘Celebrity’ which is a charades game we love!  It always has a rolling!img_1420 img_2220

Love this new cardigan.  Featured it here last week.  For fit, I’m wearing a small.  I’m also wearing these jeans and these clogs.  Use code: MAINEVENT16 and take 25% off all of it!

On Sunday, we headed to church.  Of course it was in the mid-50s and I hadn’t packed coats for the kids, but they didn’t seem to mind.  It quickly warmed up, which was so nice.img_1592

What I Wore

img_1839 fullsizerender

Dress (true to size) // Wedges // Ring  // Crossbodyimg_1821

img_1759 img_1764 They love performing!img_1823

Shorts (25% off with code: MAINEVENT16) img_1750 img_1736

Monday’s OOTD


Sweatshirt // Fringed Boots // Sunnies

Striped Tee (only $10 with code: THANKYOU) // Jeans & Clogs (both 25% off with code: MAINEVENT16)


Tried the new Starbucks Chile Mocha today.  It’s so good!  Chocolately with just a hint of spiciness!img_2265We found out we lost power on Friday evening and it didn’t come on until Sunday evening.  We headed  back home on Monday.  I was anxious to get back, but the kids would’ve stayed another week!  We came home to fall weather and I’m so excited about it.  Time to pull out all the little sweater and vests! // Cat Sweatshirt // Scarf (only $10 with code: THANKYOU ) // Sunnies

Blog Update: Bloglovin’ has been updated.  For those of you who follow me there, you should now be receiving my most recent posts again.  Still working on Feedly and sizing down my images in your daily emails.  Right now, they are HUGE.  It’s getting fixed though.  Thanks for your patience!


Shopbop just started their HUGE SALE of the season!  Almost everything is 25% with code: MAINEVENT16.  If you spend over $500, take 30% off!  If you’ve ordered anything from Shopbop in the past 14 days, call them here: 1-877-746-7267, and they’ll give you a price adjustment.   Hope you have your wish lists ready!  Sale ends Friday at midnight.  Shop soon for the best selection.  I’ll be sharing more of my favorites on tomorrow’s post, but scroll through and check out a few of my favorites so far…

Also, I just wanted to remind you that my Rag & Bone Cutoffs I’ve worn all summer are currently 25% off for a limited time!  They do run big, so make sure and go down a size.  My grey wedges are also part of the sale!  Use code: MAINEVENT16 at check-out.

Mara Hoffman is part of the sale too!


I’ve loved wearing this animal print shirtdress (and my sunnies) this season, and this dress is a favorite this fall, as  well.  Even these wedges are part of the sale.  Would look pair with the purple in this dress.  So much marked down, and it’s so early in the season.  A great time to take advantage of some great deals!

Don’t forget to enter: MAINEVENT16 at checkout.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I am an “older” grandmother follower and girl I believe you are pregnant. Lots of hiding going on behind people in pictures. If so congratulations and God Bless!!

  2. Thank you so much for adding in about the price adjustment! I just bought a wallet last week and called this morning and saved some money! But FYI when I called they said it had to be in the last 7 days, not 14. Thankfully I still slipped in there, but just so your readers know. Thanks again! Never would have thought to have it adjusted for the sale!

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