Wednesday Whereabouts + Running Stats

W finished up VBS last week.  Had to pick one final fun braid to end the week!
While W was at camp, the other children and I got some much needed errands run, including getting the car washed.  Little E has to sit in my lap, she’s so afraid of them.
Big step for V, now nine months, he gets to sit in the grocery cart with his big brother!
Now that V is pulling up, he screams for someone to get him down.
Hasn’t figured that part out quite yet.
My girls are growing up way too fast.
This kid’s hair grows way too fast.
The hubs and I attended a Stock the Bar party for some of our good friends that will be getting married in October.  So fun to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in awhile!
The pool is still a regular occurrence!
And every time either one of the girls will say, “This is the best day ever!”
My dad (“Grandaddy” to the kids) with V and my sister’s baby (RK).  They’re three months apart and the same size.  Yeah, V is pretty big.  Last night we had a Low Country Boil at my parents’ house.  Loved hanging out with so many of my sisters.  Missed you, A!

Still chugging along…

Just received my latest Baublebar piece a couple of days ago.  Stay tuned for my OOTDs post on Friday, to see how I wore it last night, or follow me on Instagram (@sweetsouthernprep), for up-to-date posts on everything SSP.

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. I love the pictures of the boys in the shopping cart. It just seems like they will be the best of friends like your sweet girls. Can't wait to see how you style that beautiful necklace. I have been toying with getting it and might have to pull the trigger

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