Wednesday Whereabouts + OOTDs

I hope y’all have been having a great week so far!  Our weather here has been so wishy-washy.  I just wish it would hurry up and stay warm all day.  I know many of you are getting hit with another snowstorm and are so over it.  Here’s hoping the groundhog was right, and spring will be here before we all know it!
 In one days time last week, it went from beautiful, warm and sunny…
 …to pouring, cold and rainy.  The boys obviously didn’t seem to mind it, especially when Logan got to wear his pajamas on Pajama Day last week.  The perfect day for it!
What I Wore

Reversible Cape (only $34, it’s almost sold out, but keep checking back, they seem to restock it daily) // Umbrella Blouse // Hunter Boots // Ring // iPhone Cover

On Thursday night, I headed over to a friends’ for a girls’ night and got to juggle/snuggle with two of my friends’ babies.  How sweet are they??
I finally took the boys to get haircuts on Friday, since they didn’t have school.  Long overdue, as usual.  Their hair grows so fast!  Of course they wouldn’t stay still long enough for a pic!
Afterward we headed over to Monza for lunch.  If you’re in town, it’s a great italian spot on King Street.  Be sure and ask to sit in the back, where there’s outdoor seating.  It was particularly cold on Friday, but they had heaters so it was great!
 Next stop, on their day off from school, Jeni’s Ice Cream.  A little slice of heaven for Logan.  He LOVES chocolate!  Vaughn doesn’t like it all, but he was happy eating lots of the waffle chips.
What I Wore

Vest (old, similar here) // Bird Blouse (love this blouse!) // Flats // Sunglasses // Necklace // Ring // Nails in Coral Canyon
 The boys started swim lessons a few weeks ago and are absolutely loving it!  I need them to be swimmers come summer, since Logan won’t be able to wear his swimmies anymore.  Vaughn probably won’t either.  Four kids in the pool at the same time…AND no swimmies.  I’m going to be a nervous wreck!

Got this ‘Happy Camper’ Sweatshirt last week and I’m absolutely obsessed with it, y’all!  It is so comfy and the perfect amount of oversized!  The price point is pretty good too, at $58.  For sizing, I’d go up a size.  Effie’s wearing this Little Lilly Shift.

If you follow me on Instagram, I tried the new app called Boomerang.  Basically, it makes one thing move in the photo.  On Saturday night, I made my red glittery shoes click, but the lighting was so dark.  Above is a better pic of the shoes.

The silver ones are on sale and I’m loving them.  My girls are too.  Wheeler already told me that when she gets to be big, she’s going to want to wear them too.

Since we had company coming over on Sunday for the Super Bowl, I spruced things up just a little  bit more.  As we’re in a rental, I’ve had so many things still in boxes, but every so often I get the urge to pull more pieces out.  After I finally brought this huge Slim Aarons piece that I bought back in November home with me last week, I used some of my pieces to decorate around it.  Later on I’m thinking I’ll add a bar area under it, but for now, my python trays, little pineapple candle (similar here) and star urchin will do.  I had these starburst stands on our mantle in our old house.  Since our tv is over the mantle now, I decided to move them here, for the time being.
 This time we went with the select oysters and they did not disappoint.  They were HUGE!
 Boozer LOVES oysters too.  He was patiently waiting for one of us to drop ours.
 Another one of my favorites from our party.  We used Lanier’s barbecue instead of ground beef.
We played a Super Bowl grid game with our friends at the party, but even the girls enjoyed it.  Effie actually won $20 and Wheeler won $8.  We let them stay up until the Halftime Show and then they headed off to bed.  An 8:30 bedtime was late for them, and they loved every minute of getting to stay up late and hang out with everyone.
The same night, my friend made this amazing cake for one of our friends celebrating his birthday!
She re-created the Dreamsicle Cake from Cru Restaurant here, and it was just as delicious as it looked!
 I guess we were having a great time because I couldn’t believe how quickly the game time started.  It also rained for much of the day on Sunday, so we went out and got a tent for our back deck and it worked like a charm.  This blue color was the only one they had left too, which I loved – the perfect Panthers blue.
 We really wanted to light our Christmas Tree and wreath on fire with a Panthers victory.
 But it was still cool to watch anyway.  Couldn’t believe how quickly it burned!
What I Wore

Ring // Tory Burch Cup // Necklace // Shirt (old, similar here) // Jacket

I’m sure you can relate, but this bird blouse was laying out, so I decided to wear it again yesterday.  How many time do you find yourselves doing that?  I mean, it’s already out, so why not wear it again, right?  Paired it with this Kate Spade Necklace.
My happy girl!
Bedtime reading session.

Charleston Rice Beads amongst my Mardi Gras ones. // Gold // Navy // Turquoise
Polka Dot Coupe is on sale.
I hope y’all had a fun Mardi Gras yesterday!  I found the baby!  Next question is, what to give up for Lent?  I honestly have no idea yet, but I’ll let you know when I decide.  I need to hurry though, it starts today!  Have y’all decided what you’re going to give up?
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Great pictures, great outfits and great times shared. Kinda sad about the outcome of the big game but a plate of those nachos might help me get over my sadness.

    Love those pointy toed flats ?

  2. I'm giving up alcohol and ice cream for Lent. I tend to get really ambitious, but it really is a sacrifice for better health. And what's more motivating than a closer relationship with God? ?

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