Wednesday Whereabouts + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for the Men

Based on your ‘likes’ on Instagram, you really like these new Jacks.  I thought they’d be a great staple for early Fall.  Jack Rogers came out with them a few years ago and I missed them then, so I’m glad I got my hands on them this time around.  They’re selling out quickly on the Jack Rogers site, but Zappos is now carrying them too (free shipping and free returns).
It’s been pretty hot here.
Wheeler’s Shirt ($12 and free shipping with code: HOTOUT) // Effie’s Shirt (the back says ‘Here My Roar’) ($16 and free shipping with code: HOTOUT)
 If were not at the pool, we’re finding shade anywhere we can.
Yesterday, we headed to the pool and Effie got to hang out with one of her good friends.  They hadn’t seen each other in forever.
It’s a good thing we got out to the pool yesterday because today it’s super gloomy and cloudy.
 Vaughn giving Boozer some love.
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 Wheeler’s been practicing her hair styling skills on me lately, and I love it!  She’s almost mastered the braid, but this is how she’s been doing her Barbie’s hair, so she wanted me to have her Barbie’s ‘do too.  And she always takes a photo of it, so I can see it too.

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With the Nordstrom Early Access Sale going on, I couldn’t leave out the men!  While I may not have many male readers, you can always show this to the men in your life.  Like my husband, they may not be big on perusing the 1900+ items in the Men’s Sale Section, but at least they can see some pretty great pieces here.  The prices are amazing!  And remember, once this sale is over, the prices go back up.  I’m thinking of getting Lanier the Patagonia Blue Nano Puff Jacket ($139.90 now, $199.00 after the sale), and saving it to give it to him for Christmas.
Friday is only two days away, when the sale opens to the public!
Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Sweet post!! Love seeing updates from your fun adventures. Wondering if your girls would like some fun sun glasses to shade their eyes? The photo of Vaughn giving kisses is adorable!!

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