Thirsty Thursday: Beachside Peach Cocktail + Meeting Tory Burch + Tory Burch Sale on Sale + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips

I found this week’s cocktail on  It sounds super yummy and very easy to concoct.  Perfect for the pool, beach, porch…okay, anywhere.
Beachside Peach
1.5oz Peach Flavored Vodka
1.5oz Pineapple Juice
1.5 Cranberry Juice Cocktail
.25oz Fresh Lime Juice
2oz Ginger Ale
Combine the first four ingredients in an ice-filled shaker.
Shake well.
Strain into an ice filled collins glass.
Top with the ginger ale.
Garnish with a lime wheel and/or peach slice.
Happy Sipping!
 For those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I had a pretty amazing experience yesterday.  
My friend and I went out to lunch and headed over to Tory Burch.
Click on outfit details below.

I was trying to go for a kind of Pre-Fall look, since that’s what just came out at Tory Burch.  Definitely comfortable, that’s for sure.  Unfortunately, my particular wedges and leopard cross-body have sold out, but you can shop the rest of my outfit above.  Enter code: TREAT to get my shorts for 25% off.
Yes, that’s Tory Burch in person!  Can you believe it?  She had a meet and greet yesterday at the Tory Burch Boutique at South Park.  She was in town for an event last night where she had a round table discussing The Tory Burch Foundation and their partnership with Bank of America.
In January, the “Tory Burch Foundation (TBF) and Bank of America launched Elizabeth Street Capital, an initiative designed to provide early-stage women entrepreneurs in the United States with access to low-cost capital, mentoring support and networking opportunities to grow their businesses, creating communities of women entrepreneurs.”  I think it’s such a great cause!  It gives those, just like Tory Burch herself, a chance to start something and succeed.
I had the best time meeting her.  We talked mostly about our children.  The important things, right?  🙂  She said she loved how everyone at the event was wearing bright Tory pieces, remarking that we needed to give some hints to the New York crowd.  And seriously, isn’t she teenie??
I also had the pleasure of meeting many of the people that work for Tory Burch.  They couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved working for her, and how easy it was.  This is Lawrence Libunao.  He’s the International Visual Director at Tory Burch.  Basically, he oversees the designing of the Tory Burch Boutiques around the world.  What a cool job, right?  You wouldn’t believe all the places he’s traveled!  He said just like Tory’s laid-back style, this was how her company ran.  Not too uptight, but very smooth and enjoyable.  Remarking that he never ever wanted to leave!  Such a compliment to the business!  Okay, and I won’t give away his real age, but lets just say I was off by at least fifteen years?!
 After meeting Tory Burch, it just confirmed why I love her brand so much.  She is such an admirable  and empowering person.  The drive and passion she has for life and the love that she has for her job and her three boys is so inspiring.  I was obviously more than thrilled to get to finally meet her.  Definitely an experience I’ll never forget!
And y’all know I couldn’t leave the boutique without shopping a little.  Here are a few of my latest favorites.
Love the chevron pattern on the outside of this Tory Burch Smartphone Wallet
…and the polka dot lining on the inside.
The prettiest, classic navy clutch.
 Love the style of this Thea Tote.  Has summer written all over it.  The white has sold out, but this pretty pink color is still available.
And I’m almost convinced I need the Millers in Vachetta now.  While y’all know I love the gold Millers and they’ll always be my favorite, I kind of like how the darker ones looked on my feet.  More low-key than the gold.
And since we’re talking Tory Burch, just wanted to let you know that through the weekend all sale items at Tory Burch are an extra 20% off with code: TAKE20.  Free returns.
The Lidia Polo I wore yesterday is marked down to $63.20, with code: TAKE20.
The Calita Dress is still available.  Take 20% off the sale price of $195.
Unfortunately, my Leopard Cross-body has sold out.  But the Continental Wallet is still available and on sale.  20% off of $136.50.
Such a cute Cosmetics Case.  20% off of $66.50
Love this bright yellow Middy Satchel Key Fob for a pop of color for your keys.  20% off $45.50
Don’t forget to use: TAKE20 at check-out!
I’m sure this past week has driven those of you without Nordstrom cards crazy!  But at least now you should be ready to know exactly what you want, so on Friday morning, you’ll be ready!  I’m definitely not knocking you if you’ve got a list on hand, ready to place your order as soon as the Anniversary Sale goes live to the public.  Very smart of you.  Many of my favorite items I’ve featured this past week will sell out quickly, so make sure you add them to your cart fast.  And remember, Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns, so don’t feel bad for placing more than one order.  I’m definitely guilty about going back and ordering more.  I honestly think it’s safer to do it that way.  That way you order your favorites right away, and then you can peruse around for the next few weeks and see if there’s anything else you’d like to order.  And Nordstrom makes it extremely easy to return products.  Your package comes with a shipping label sticker, so there’s nothing for you to have to print off.  Extremely easy returns and exchanges.
Also, I’ll be posting my purchases and favorites during the sale event, until it ends on August 4th.  Make sure to keep checking back.  I’ll be sure and include the fit on many of the pieces, as they arrive in the mail.  If anything, check back tomorrow.  I’ll be including a recap of all of my favorites from this past week, so you won’t have to click around different posts to find my favorite sale items from different categories.  They’ll all be organized in one place for you.  I’ll also be sharing my absolute favorite sale item that I had to have as soon as I saw it in the catalog a couple of weeks ago.
And just for some final fun.  Here are some fabulous sale items that I forgot to include this past week.

 With the Kendra Scott Rayne necklaces being on sale last week, mine arrived in the mail yesterday.  The teal is even prettier in person.  Can’t wait to wear it soon!  Seriously, can one have too many colors of Rayne Necklaces, or as Effie refers to them as “Squid” necklaces?  Free ground shipping offered until Sunday!
Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your Thursday!

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  1. I just received my 1st Tory Burch purchase in the mail and your post makes me even more excited about it!! Nice to support good people and I love my new wedges!! Loved the packaging, shoe bags, and all the details that came along with the order:)

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