Wednesday Whereabouts + Loving Lately

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!  One of my girlfriends from home came in town on Monday and is staying until Thursday.  We’ve been soaking in some pool time and stayed up until 3am the first night she was here.  Clearly there was a lot for us to catch up on.  Last night, everyone headed off to bed early.  It’s been so hot here and the pool wiped out the kiddos yesterday.  All of mine were in bed by 6pm?!
This past Saturday, we headed out for some fun boat time.  We anchored and let the kids play on the tubes next to the boat.  They loved it!  
The girls started piano lessons this week.  Effie insisted on wearing her high heels to practice.
Soon after taking this pic below, Effie lost her bottom tooth!  It’s been wiggly for some time, but she finally pulled it out while we were at the pool.  This was her first official tooth she’s let get wiggly and fall out.  Her top two teeth had to be pulled about a year ago.  She fell in the tub a few years ago, and her top two teeth were slightly loose.  After taking her to the dentist then, they recommended waiting a week to see if the gums and fibers would tighten her teeth back into their place.  Thankfully, they did.  Recently though, one of them started to abscess, and while it wasn’t causing her pain (it was a small bump above her gum), her dentist recommended pulling both to solve the problem.
Just got this pink bikini top and love it!  It’s got a little padding and the color is beautiful.  Effie’s still loving her flamingo bikini too (currently only $18 with code: 24HOURS). // Sunnies

Another cute swim top I’m loving is this printed one by Seafolly.  Would be festive for the upcoming holiday weekend in a few weeks too!
A few of you have been asking about my white nail color.  It’s Marshmallow by Essie.
How cute are these pineapple cups?  I’ve seen so many fun pics of them that I had to get a few for our house.  They sell out extremely quickly, and have already sold out a few times already.  If you want them now, get them now while they’re in stock!
Speaking of pineapples, this ring set is too cute, only $8.99!

My ‘I Am Fun’ beach towel sold out pretty quickly last time, but it’s currently back in stock!
I’ve heard great things about this mascara.  Really want to try it and see.
I’m always looking for fun new pieces to try on my hair.  This ‘Twirl Convertible’ Curling Iron looks so cool!
These studs are Tory Burch’s latest classics.  Love them so much I just ordered them.
Love these Jack Rogers Georgica Jellies for the pool.  If you’re between sizes, I know it recommends you sizing up, but I suggest sizing down.
It’s no secret I love Oribe products.  They all work well and smell amazing!  I’m dying to try this new product.
Baublebar has some great tassel pieces that just came out for summer.  Love this bracelet set, this seaglass set and this necklace.
I’ve been shopping around for some 4th of July looks, and absolutely LOVE this dress!  I think shipping takes a little longer than most here, so make sure and order soon to have it before the holiday weekend.  Just a heads up, it’s selling out quickly!
Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts + Loving Lately

  1. I've been wanting to try the YSL mascara, too!!! You'll have to try it and let us know what you think. 😉 I also use the Diorshow Overcurl and am OBSESSED!! I'm almost out and am trying to decide if I should get it again or try the YSL. And that Apres Beach spray is my FAVORITE product from Oribe–I use it when I curl my hair with the wand, but I also always use it if I leave my hair naturally curly to make it a little more beachy and flatter. If you haven't tried Royal Blowout, you must! Love it, too!! And of course, the dry texturizing spray!

    1. Love hearing all of this! So I got the ysl mascara sample in a Nordstrom package and am hoping to try it soon! I'll keep you posted, but the overcurl is still my fave like you. And I'm totally ordering that beach spray after hearing that you like it! And maybe the royal blowout now too. 😉

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